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The i truly feel like the government has too much power like you know. Like i was just seeing something recently about like nancy. Pelosi buying all these stocks and stuff before like for a year in advance and stuff like obviously it's like insider trading martha stewart went to jail for like. Yeah people know we she. She bought a bunch of tesla. Because of biden's going to his electric vehicle thing that he just bought it for two thousand twenty three out of five hundred dollars point like is that nine hundred dollars now so she's not she's already understanding that it's gonna either drop or it's going to split again. She she bought it that it was gonna go up. Yeah i don't know what she either way. It doesn't make sense like that. They're like they just have too much power especially inside. And that's what's gonna cause eventually the civil wars that these people are. Because i i want to vote but i'm not going to be the only one you know. I mean. look at all those people that went to the capitol building. That was way too easy. Yeah spiracy theories about how they were just basically led in writing. Is the people mainly come on. The whole thing was really weird. Shit going on guys. And i feel like it's just gonna keep getting weirder and i mean especially like with cova coming out and then like you know there's a new every five minutes. There's a south african strain. There's a new strain in london. That's like way more contagious. I mean it's just gonna be like the yellow miami open everyone's clubbing. i honestly. this is be the biggest conspiracy theory. But what if we leave the united states in the world's normal and we've just been like putting this bubble and thinking that kobe exist now there is covert another. I did see that in australia. They had no covid. I get some but they the first one who did like the real lockdown and then They had no cases but then it started coming back. They really just got to stop people from travelling. That'd be like the best clothes all the travel for like two months. They just shut down the world for two weeks. Because we're the worst here in california because just leaves to go party had no one listens and i mean also just an america no unless it's relaxed my rights right my guns thing like i know so many people that literally will just fly to miami party then. Fly back to california. They're probably bring in the virus or they'll go to talulah mexico you know and like i have so many people they don't like they say that in la you have to quarantine for ten days when no one's actually doing it. Because i know friends who go straight from mexico to here and they're out walking the streets. It's such a shame. Like i have a friend who literally sends me video every night of him at like a raider fan l. a. still a house party with like hundreds of people know masks on and just bump and i'm like why are you there. And he's like i don't i'm immune and i'm like okay. Yeah it's crazy. I mean who knows what to believe. I mean i truly do believe that covid created as you know biological warfare like it was created to be something and it probably wasn't even finished and it just accidentally got out so there was working that it was patent then patented. Yeah like there's you can look it up at corona virus patent like and you can only patent something that's manmade. So why is there. A patent on on the corona virus. So fuck you can look it up. Because it's public information my brain candy handle it will go into a spiral of. We're just getting into like such a conspiracy. Is those changed my podcasts. I conspiracy theory when he but it's almost like when do you draw the line between it being against spiracy theory and it being real like it's like do you know there's just so much we don't know i'm definitely scared for the upcoming months because i just feel like you know. People are getting smarter and the government is just being more blatantly. Obvious with things in you know i it just disappears like bat like yeah was going to be pissed because look how much money everyone is lost and not made in the old. Did you hear about those apps called parlor there's parlor in there is another app signal parlor. Was this app. That was like unbiased. Like anything goes on there like you can make your own and you can just talk about whatever you want. People follow it in stuff so like it's unbiased by like tv or anything like that and they showed it down like biden. Shut down our on. Our someone did right when they like. The inauguration happened so like the aps off line. You can't even use it anymore. So they're just like weird stuff like that makes on. They're talking about real stuff. Yeah yeah there. I heard a lot of stuff about like censorship. Like when they. I mean like there was a lot of censorship stuff about freedom of speech in that. Were having their freedom of speech because like if you were to talk about covert or something and say something. Fake like they would pop up on a second like this fact truth. That happens all the time. So it's like they're taking away our freedom of speech by not allowing us to say what we want. So i guess that app. This allows you to save whenever you want. It doesn't block anything and like so. They took it down. Apple took it off like they're so my dot my doctors in tarzana. And he's a really good doctor and he has had over a hundred patients with cove. Ed he's treated all of them and none of them have died and he came up with like the perfect combination of things to treat them and he posted it on facebook and he got banned from facebook. He was like attention other doctors like. This is what i've been using for my patients. All all of his patients are elderly on my youngest patient and he hasn't lost one person to covert and he had come up with this perfect combination of different things and he posted it on facebook to tell their doctors and they banned him from well. That's something similar to i. Don't know if you ever heard of a nipsy. Russell is actually making a documentary about him. But his name is dr celebi. I've heard of that guy. So he was this guy who was really genius man and he believed in you know Traditional like traditional medicine but like real herbs and stuff like that to heal you and such and he was always a big believer insane like never eat cauliflower because it's manmade if it's not ali flowers green doesn't come from like the earth like it's white which means they made it in like they man made the seeds which then grow from there. Obviously but it's not really a real thing. Anyways he found the cure to hiv right. He published that he found the cure. Hiv in the new york times and the government came ensued sued him because he was putting false information out there and he was like it's not false information. He brought all the people that he cured of. Hiv into the court won the case that he actually did Cure it a couple of weeks later and debt. Once they found out that he actually knew The cure and that he could save people and the nipsy russell was doing a them and then he ended up dead dead. Big pharma is the scariest so because they wanna keep people sec for cancer out there that they won't tell people make farmer wants to keep people sick. I mean there was also that that that story of this guy. And i'm going to butcher this. But people can look this. Up is the guy who created a cure to like opioid epidemic for people that are heroin addicts that like the.

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