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I mean. What is it like? This is not going to go away. In a month. I'll do the analytical bit and then you can explain why we shouldn't be rooting for Curtis. Ross you can get. This is really bad for trump right. I think the stock market is is it extremely imperfect gauge of the economy but to the extent that it is engage in a meaningful one which it is. It's it's forward-looking right and so so this isn't telling us what the economy's doing today telling us what people who actually have money at stake think the economy is going to do over over the future and and I actually although I do sometimes think there's a level of panic that is unjustified. I do really think I agree with Ross. I think we're on the cusp of things. Feeling very different. The only other thing I would add before Ross explains why we shouldn't be rooting for the buyers is there are almost eight months until election day. Think about how much has changed in the last two weeks right two weeks ago the economy was great and the Democrats were about to nominate a socialist through good times but people are still locked down in Wuhan. Yeah yes this is now no. I think you're right. China China has China has controlled it by continuing to lock down a major province. So that's it's clear that the steps you need to contain it are steps that probably are not going to lead to a v-shaped recovery that helps trump in the fall. You know I mean again. This obviously goes back to questions. About how bad trump is to begin with and the closer you get to regarding trump as like a true fascist menace. The more people will sort of root for a catastrophe that might seem to derail him. I think to bring this back to my argument in the book available outside Deck I think trump is a manifestation of decadence. And this is bad. And it's not just bad because you eat too many fancy foods or you eat that ridiculous piled high burrito or whatever burrito pizza or whatever it was it's bad because it includes misgovernment corruption cruelty all the things that liberals and not only liberals rightly dislike about trump but there are worse things in decadents and in any era when it feels a little decadent. There's a temptation to root for the things that are ultimately worse and the politics of anti decadence. And I'm to be clear I'm antidepressant. The politics of anti-depressants has a long history of leading to you. Know more disastrous. Things people are worried about decadence in nineteenth century Europe. And you got World War. One people were worried about decadence in Weimar Germany. And you got he who shall not be named my conservative friends. After nine eleven happened said well. This is the wakeup call that America needs. And now we're going to leave our bill. Clinton era decadence behind spread democracy around the world. And that did not go well either. This isn't a case like that. We're not choosing the corona virus. But it still you know to to root for the catastrophe is to take a really big a really big risk and I you know I think that there are. It is in many cases rooting for a catastrophe to end. Decadence is something that you end up regretting later. Hi My name is Reed. I'm twenty four and I don't know if either of you have read it but I recently started reading the coddling of the American mind. How good ideas and bad into good good intentions and bad ideas or setting up a generation for failure and I guess my question is as a person who graduated from college in New York City almost two years ago how do we incentivize administrations and students to listen to dissenting opinions. I mean I'm a gay woman and I would consider myself fairly liberal but I definitely witnessed and experienced in classrooms. People advocating for safe spaces and things of that nature which just to me feels like completely antipathetic to progress and being able to sit across from somebody who doesn't agree with you on everything I think is super important. So how do we get administrations to you know not let students protests speakers that they don't agree with and things of that nature? What a good question. Great question we're doing. Let's do we'll just do one. Okay can you take that right? Well my speaking fees are very reasonable. I never I never get protested. I'm so I was at Middlebury recently and everybody was very friendly. Unserious answer the serious answer is I think there's a problem that isn't just. I think the problem Collagen's in my estimation is that the administration of colleges often doesn't have any kind of moral vision for what the school is supposed to be and so the reaction against that sort of social justice. Reaction is an understandable one that I think it's understandable that college kids want a kind of you know they want a moral education. And so there's it's it's not as simple as saying we just need administrators to be sort of you know to defend free speech. You need to have some sort of you. Need to have some way to have both commitment to freedom of expression but also some sense of a you know purpose driven education I think that would in certain ways satisfies some of the impulses that lead to protests politics and protests against speakers and obviously the answer is for all universities to become Catholic much more narrowly and quick. I was just saying to Fordham Catholic. Sorry sorry no no. Forgive me much for narrowly. I would say make your case. I bet you'll win most arguments when you do. Thank you and that's our show. Thank you so much to everyone for coming out to see US tonight. 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