Blue Ridge Mountains, Lauren Rickets, CIA discussed on WTOP 24 Hour News


For one year Go to J s work dot com to schedule a free contactless inspection. It's j s work dot com. I'm Jo Conway. W th the traffic Now the storm team for meteorologist Lauren Rickets, mostly clouds as we continue through the day If you want to find some sunshine, you got to go north and West in D. C, But everybody on the eastern side the Blue Ridge Mountains, we could get peaks of sunshine around here. Otherwise temperatures topping out a little bit eighties for daytime highs today, boys that McGee have a chance of a shower here or there and then maybe a thunderstorm this afternoon. The best chance is going to be along. I 81 about a 20% chance of you're in the eastern side of the Blue Ridge Mountains overnight. It's um, lingering showers. Temperatures in the seventies and then warmer tomorrow around 90 plenty of sun and some more isolated storms and storm Team four meteorologist Lauren Rickets and speaking of those isolated storms. We do have one It looks like it has some potential for some lightning a just south of front royal right now that is moving to the North. East as we speak from other light showers were saying pop up around the area one over the Purcellville area, another just over Bethesda kind of the cabin John area as well and we're seeing a couple more one over Ellicott City and one just East of Boonsboro over the Meyers fell area in Maryland. Taking a look at the temperatures right now. 80 degrees and McLane we have Highland at 83 degrees in Maryland and 81 degrees Northwest D. C. A 12 41. Former CIA leaders answering questions in the Russia probe review Former CIA director John Brennan was interviewed Friday for eight hours by U. S. Attorney John Durham's team as part of the inquiry ordered by Attorney General William Bar into the investigators and intelligence officials behind the 2016. Russia election INTERFERENCE probe. Nick Shapiro,.

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