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C. news radio station where it eighty degrees at seven oh five was raised in New York now he's talking to New York Spock's accident policy seven ten W. we will get into drew Brees with the best quarterbacks in the country who has had to bend the knee today and also the new York times now backtracking on publishing an editorial about how to get our cities safe from senator Tom cotton but first that's coming up later this hour we have Mister Bernard Kerik former police commissioner of the city of New York at the NYPD Bernie great to have you Sir Zacks books he Bernie what the heck is going on here your your running the NYPD I had a tough time in the city's past I remember it it was it was right it was rough but I don't ever remember mid town Fifth Avenue boarded up like it was being hit by a continuous hurricane and and you know looters and and vandals running around with the NYPD looking helpless what it what do you see happening here the difference is what the mayor today this is a what weighing the latter cold you know ideologues and I worked to Rudy Giuliani that that's pretty much the difference it's all about leadership it's about management this is about somebody that's gonna number one give the cops the mission that he wants done given the backing to support indemnified and give them the benefit of the doubt when they need it that's what leadership is and that's what we'll have the an NYPD inspired to do the job made the Blasi has not done that in fact he's gone the opposite way to the point that he has said then this is these are his words he wants them to handle what's going on in New York City with a light touch now when when somebody throwing blocks but rocks and bottles and and and bricks and Molotov cocktails at innocent civilians tops police cars buildings the Scrabble Schmidt polite culture is not gonna get it and if they did learn day one you would have thought by day two or three they get it never got the yet so the bell here has completely failed this city and everybody every single person that voted for him he has failed and then the governor of New York who seems to be conspicuously absent he has failed as well because he's publicly said that the mayor hasn't done his job well to bear hasn't done his job if you're the governor and you're responsible for the state then why haven't you done your job because your job is to back him up your job is to make sure he's getting the job done your job to protect protect the citizens of New York City and and businesses and and and everything else in it and you haven't done it either so between the two of us all they do is sit around criticizing each other in this political war when in fact the city is burning quite kids but they will the seventies speaking of former NYPD commissioner Bernard Kerik and and Bernie I I want to know what are you hearing from from people that you know they're still on the job I'm sure you know a lot of folks are still we're still in still in contact with them about their sense of whether they're gonna be allowed to get this under control with that with the PD and then I'll I also want to know why don't we hear you know if it really is to Blasio has their hands cuffed so to speak so to speak why aren't we hearing that at least you know from from sources why are people region I talk to some of my guys that I know in the in the Intel division but they're not really you know they're not running commands in the precinct and they're not running precincts why don't we ever hear about that it seems like there's there's a tremendous silence from inside the NYPD if they're not being allowed to do the job so sorry I got two questions thrown at you yeah well okay first and foremost you gotta remember they still work for the better so it's not in their interest to go public to say the barriers incompetent towards I don't know I I know I'm you know I mean like you know sources with you know it just seems like we don't have enough sources within the I might be able to press the go ahead Bernie started around so so you have the command level people who are getting bombarded there are people that are getting bombarded Hey Hey what's going on but they're in a position where they can't say anything but the other question you had we use is it it's kind of funny because keep in mind I've been gone almost nineteen years which means some of these cops came on immediately after the they're already going into retirement stage they're just about ready for retirement they never work for me but I get hundreds hundreds of of direct messages on social media on my my business email hundreds a day from cops begging me to do something about it begging me to help begging me to talk to the mayor talked to the police commissioner the reality is they don't want anything from outside they said that they don't want any help from the president they don't want the National Guard well I think that's a pretty stupid thing to say the way that you're not doing the job yourself you need all the help you can get it at the end of the day somebody asked me this morning what would I do if I was there and say these gangs you know these anarchists in the in the looters of the arsonist and all these other people were out there doing what they're doing what I do but I saw the light split the thirty five thirty six thousand cops into threes I put ten thousand cops on the streets of New York I asked the president for ten thousand National Guard I put those ten thousand National Guard or the critical infrastructure of the York city the synagogues and churches the business's demanded that the real estate values have them secured up just like you do in a war zone and and you've been you've been involved in the scope have them secure world those sites in Napoli's up to ten thousand cards to go out there and do their job and and have been their job would be to deal with the peaceful protests make sure those people are safe make sure everything's once moved up to second in nineteen seconds the second a peaceful protest turns violent whether it's rocks stones bricks water canisters so you name it you know mall cop cop kills the second it goes south then the protest is over and everybody's got to leave it if you don't leave you got locked up when you put a curfew for eight o'clock at eight OO one if you're not moving out of the area you get locked up that's what happens that's what's supposed to happen fortunately that's not what's happening so as long as they're not doing their job and doing it the way I'm saying this stuff could go on for another week for another two weeks until finally somebody you know who creates a miracle and drops a bunch of people in New York City that's going to get the job done speaking of former NYPD commissioner Bernie Kerik and and Bernie there's this this slogan I've seen it at the protests it's called on on social media now you're seeing it everywhere a very a senior aide to Hillary Clinton when she was running for president has been pushing this a member of Congress now refuted to leave us push this D. phoned the police is what they're saying hi have you ever did you ever come across is that from the activist left during your career and what would it mean Bernie to defund the police how seriously should we take the people that are saying they want to do this well listen there's a couple things if you're talking about crying and I saw Allen thank you yeah Brian Fallon which is a completely irresponsible dangerous dangerous thing to say and do and he knows that but he's playing up to the Iraq because he's playing up to the radical left you have two primary groups responsible for the destruction and damage your vehicle New York City and sixty to sixty five other cities around the country and forty one different states that's the key for groups and that's the black lives matter groups in these two groups are very much like the black Liberation Army the Black Panther party oldies groups back in the seventies these anti American revolutionary Marxist groups he's got the weather underground the F. A. L. and these guys are the same exact thing and now you have people like Hillary Clinton Joe Biden Brian Fallon people like this are basically echoing their rhetoric so all all I could say about that is for the people that lived in New York City prior to nineteen ninety four don't forget it was like what don't forget what it was like when you live in a city where nobody wanted to live work visit or go to school because they didn't feel safe where mothers were putting their base of bathtubs to protect them from random gunfire where they were slaughtering black men a black kids at rates like nowhere else in the country don't forget what that was like because of the far left if the radical left gets what they want you're going right back to where you came from prior to nineteen ninety four speaking of Bernard Kerik former NYPD commissioner Bernie the word from Joe Biden is that you know he's on board with with the wokeness now and and you already have Los Angeles saying that they're going to cut the LAPD budget I think they said a hundred to a hundred and fifty million dollars so they can re invested in the community if if you know the Blasi oh I don't think he's I don't know maybe he is that crazy but you know the blouse you're that crazy if you cut a hundred and fifty million dollars at the NYPD budget what happens well you lose manpower you lose resources and those that you know especially in a given today's day and talk about losing that battle our results in increases in violent crime increases in border which leads to increase in poverty which leads to decreases in economic development decreases in real estate values increases in welfare there's only one way to make the cities flourish and that is to make sure they are safe and secure can you start taking that those resources away from the cops that turns it slips back to the way it was thirty forty years ago in the cities will be nothing but burnt out shells just like New York City Loews prior to nineteen ninety four with Giuliani took over it's already happened you had to do it eighty two shootings ten twenty seven date Chicago in forty eight hours last weekend Baghdad didn't have that many we'll say burning for that you go I just I I mean I want to ask and I want you to shoot straight with the people all across New York in the tri state were listening right now are you confident that New York and get back on track here it's a good idea of what to do you could do it at the right leadership well I just don't think they have the right leadership and until they do but it's going to change former commissioner Bernie Kerik everybody Bernie always appreciate your perspective thanks so much for joining us tonight thank you guys hi I made a note all these back to the blouse you know that that complete complete jackass I am now here we are now and we're we're wondering what it's going to be like in the city either I'm here in the the reports so far it's the same thing every time folks during the daytime it's a mostly peaceful or entirely it's really entirely peaceful all the time in the day entirely peaceful protest and then the sun goes down and it's harder for law enforcement to.

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