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More straight stuff already. Good I carry junk bonds. What else would you like to discussed nothing? Apparently there's this new there's this new documentary or I guess limited series. That's coming out or just came out today actually It's about these two girl chemists that were working in the Like for like a LAPD and they worked at the lab where they would send all the drugs that they would find or whatever to be tested like if they can see who owned the drugs or whatever and these girls were actually end up stealing all the drugs and they like things no they were doing all the drugs they they know they got hooked on on the drugs and they were wrongfully imprisoning people to get the drugs and stuff. Yeah it's like crazy. I'm trying to find the name of it right now But it just came out today. So if you're on Netflix you can see what just came out this month and you'll be able to see it on there. I just saw the preview and I was already hooked up with this is going to be just as good as fucking tiger tank. Yeah Net flix has been trying to show just how insane regular life can be. Oh I know you watch the cats right. That's it was crazy as I started to but I didn't finish finish it literally. I finished in one sitting because that was so fucking enthralled in it yes I mean. That's cool I'll try to watch you hang up. I you hollered. Couples will be like no you hang hang of world do that for the end is at the end..

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