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Be advised the victim, eyes death, So she came here, so she was face timing our party, So we go back to make the location again, He said, get away from the door. So at this time we feel like we have some kind of message dispute. Police obtained a search warrant and got the suspect out of the home. He's being held or domestic violence and resisting arrest, Reporting live and local Vicky Thomas W. W. J News Radio 9 50 Detroit Federation of Teachers, calling a strike vote over the district's plans to reopen schools Sandra McNeil Live and local With this story, Sandra broke the teachers union president, Terrance Martin says the teacher's demands to make sure schools are safe. For in person learning in the fall have been ignored. So next Wednesday, they will take a vote to strike. Martin points out that the district is predominantly African American. That's a community that has been hit hard by the pandemic. You know, people are free. Teachers are afraid of going to class in person on contracting the virus. We have a number of people. Who are in the danger zone that that experts say it's ERM age on existing condition. District officials have said Summer school was going well with just three students who tested positive. Martin questions the numbers. He says he doesn't know how many students were actually given a covert test Reporting live. Sandra McNeil, WW Jane is ready at 9 50 Meantime, parents of school Children are worried about the start of the school year. W. W. J Business editor Murray Feldman says they think family finances will take a hit. Two out of three households with Children between the ages of five and 10 are bracing for a financial hit if their kids can go back into the classroom. They would be the hardest hit with 20% of them thinking that they'll have to cut back their hours at work. Many also say they'd have to pay for additional childcare. 15% say they might have to stop working altogether. The survey comes from Bankrate, they found nearly 1/3 of parents across the country would incur additional expenses for technology, tutoring and also meals. Murray Feltman W W. J. NewsRadio 9 50 the Thai Yoga Central School District in New York, getting ready to open its doors to all the students who want to return to in class instruction. The school has given parents the option of in person or virtual learning and has come up with several solutions for potential issues. School Superintendent Dr David Hamilton says they are hoping to do four days a week We've established Classroom spaces where the students can sit. Behind barriers, clear barriers and then take their mask off. Hamilton says he's planning for 100% of the students to return. President Trump has been a major force behind the racist Birther movement, which question whether former President Barack Obama was ineligible to serve due to a racist conspiracy theory that he was not born in the United States. Now, Mr Trump is using his familiar tactics to lend credence to similar and equally false claims about Biden's running mate, Kamala Harris, suggesting yesterday he heard she does not meet the requirements on today, CBS this morning anchor Anthony Mason asked the president's son in law and senior advisor Jared Kushner whether the Trump campaign accepts that Harris is a qualified candidate. He just said that he.

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