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We feel very grateful and you know. The senior bowl is always an incredibly important part of the The pre draft process was it for you know for the nfl folks for the players that you were able to get involved in it. Was it more important this year just because of the circumstances because of no combine because a lot of these kids didn't get to you know or at least some of the kids didn't get to have a fall season was was even more important of an event. You know this time around Yeah i think it was. I think that's fair to say you know. I think smart teams have really moved away from combine evaluations. To be honest. i'm their gotten back there. Really the value of the combine is for the medicals the interviews Not as much on the on the workout stephanie. More i mean i was a part of teams that get burned by that stuff evaluating guys in shorts and t shirt so You know i. I really think. The teams are really focusing on our week. And the other all star games because it's actual real football but no it certainly surly more important and we told our we told our hundred thirty six guys when a guy here during a unique position because they're probably only hundred thirty six guys in this draft cycle That are going to be interviewed. Face-to-face with plexiglass obviously this year but interviewed face-to-face with all thirty two teams and be evaluated on the field for an entire week. And just that that that exposure to these decision makers is absolutely critical. I mean they're going to try to pull off road as this spring. But that's you know that's going to be mostly scouts crisscrossing the country doing that. It's not going to be gm's director level guys. The guys are going to be making the calls in april so Now it is without without the combine this year win without a normal day circuit Game in the nfl pa game. This was yeah. I do feel like the game took on a more.

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