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Includes links to news items editorials can include photographs and other materials just highly highly useful stuff. So obviously, I'm going to have to ask this question. Rene on put you on the spot. So you're not in yet. But I I'm gonna ask are you planning on joining the trick. Absolutely. I'm very excited about being a member of the truth caucus. I had a feeling it was probably an easy question. So, but no, I mean, 'cause I know that my time there I was one of the founding members and it. It's a great organization. But I think one of the best things that you can do as a freshman, and I will tell you. I mean, there are certain things you get used to you get used to the receptions, and the folks don't realize that being in the it's not like being in congress. I mean, we don't get paid y'all. Don't get paid hundreds of thousand nine bucks an hour. You're living in a motel over at the Vermont or someplace else that was renovated in the seventies. The most of the time you have a roommate. So this is not the Lapa luxury here folks, you do not people who run for state office in particular are not doing it for the money, and you have to have a heart serve. So first off. I, you know, I commend you for that willingness to serve, but one of the things that it helps us to have colleagues to have friends that are there that are willing to help that are willing to support you and resources that can give you some institutional knowledge and explain to you. Hey, this is what's going on? This is this is what I've seen this what I've experienced. And when the hard pressure comes to vote the way you don't want to they'll be there to help you stand strong. Absolutely. You know, when I left college, I'm not gonna say how many years ago, but it's been a while. I thought my freshman days were over. But here I am going to be a freshman again. And and one of the things I need to do is learn a lot look to those people who share the same principles and values. And so I'm really looking forward to getting to form those relationships, and I think the truth caucus a great way to do that. Well, you know, one of the things that we always liked to do we've got we've had a couple of callers. Call right now on the line. I've got Andrew wanted to talk. Ironically, a little bit about the coming legislative session. Andrew, how are you this evening doing great doing great? Thank you for calling in. So I have a prediction based on events in the past history. I will give it I give it sixty days. Maybe maybe sixty days before before governor elect Kelly realizes this. She has a broken legislature. That is splitting at least three different directions. Did he can't get attacked together? Her Herber media or media allies are going to be able to inflict social Justice to help things along and she has to start using her administrative powers like mad to train accomplish any of her agenda. What do you think? Renee. My my gut says, I don't think it takes quite six days. What do you think? Yeah. I think it's going to be evident fairly quickly. But what are the things that? I think can unite a group is having a common. I'm not gonna say enemy, but a common person that you're trying to push something or prevent them from accomplishing something. They want to do that. You feel isn't the right thing to do. So I think that there can be a unifying on the Republican side that we haven't seen for a while. So I'm going to go at this with a positive attitude. That's very good. Wow. I can tell that you're having served in the legislature. Andrew thank you for calling in, by the way, you know. I tend to agree. My thought is I I kind of like his his optimism of sixty days. And if that holds to the structure of the legislature, they'll have almost. Probably two week's worth of time off during that time. So that'll help. But I don't know I have a feeling that she's going to use executive order a lot. I mean, she and we're going to touch on this later on in the show when we have Chuck Weber with us. But I have a feeling that she's going to start to find out fairly early that on many of her things she either can't afford to do what she wants to do. Or should just can't get the votes to do what she wants to do in which case she will start using executive orders and other mechanisms to try and get through what she wants. And that's sad to think that you know, that's the way that she may govern. But I, unfortunately, I think that may be the course that she takes on it. Because ultimately the legislature is more conservative. You're right. I mean that was your predicted what you commented on earlier, and he see it in the Senate, even more. So we're going to have Senator Richard Hildebrand on later on in the show and one of the things I wanna talk to him about is the makeup of the Senate because he was reelected. You've got more Kelly seed, obviously Lynn Rogers seat, those aren't going to change. You're going from two crackpot liberals to two more crackpot liberals. I'm sure, but that's okay. I'm a crackpot conservative. I can say that. But I mean, that's not going to change. But depending on who she appoints for certain. Positions. She may take one of the more moderate use those with the quotation marks she may take more moderate Republican out of one of those chambers to put them in her caucus in her cabinet in which case could give the party an opportunity to put in somebody more conservative. So you never know. Right. I think one of the key things we need to look at this as an opportunity, I know that the outcome of the gubernatorial election isn't anything that we on the conservative side wanted at all. But we need to look at where there's opportunity, and I'm very much am a believer in going on offense and not sitting back and waiting and being reactive. I think we need to be proactive, and hopefully, we'll have the strong leadership and the makeup in both the house and Senate to where we can we can do that. Well, you know, we talked earlier about education to you think there's a will. And do you think there's an ability to pass constitutional amendment to allow the folks to have the vote on? School funding. But that was the biggest issue for me was whether or not you support the courts being involved. Let's at least put it on the ballot. And let the people have the say, absolutely. I don't know why that that is. So negative to so many people. Maybe they don't understand that. All we're doing is saying let the people decide and give them a voice in this whole issue. It's been going on for decades. It's cost star status cost our school districts, millions of many and attorney fees. It's cost the state never mind. The rulings that were having to deal with financially. But I think people are getting to the point where they want an end to this. And so one of the ways I think we need to do that is through constitutional amendment. Yeah. And you know, I think it's ironic that you've got the party that has for decades prided itself on getting out the vote and being the champion of the democratic process. And now here they're the ones that are actually suppressing the vote and trying to keep it. So people do not have an opportunity to allow that constitutional process to work unto allow people to have their say through the ballot. Which is really what this should come to is what I think it should come to put it on the ballot. What the folks have their say. And if we're conservatives are wrong, then we will be proven wrong. I mean, we just had that in the governor's race. So if you want to put it on the ballot let's put it on the ballot. Let's give it a shot. But either way that's what we should do coming up. We'll talk here in a few minutes with Senator Richard Hildebrand later on the show Chuck Weber, but before we get rid of Rene. I've got one question for her on some personal projects averse. You're listening to.

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