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And she you know she fought against it and had some success but it's this it's the exact same issues today as one hundred thirty nine years ago i like to think and i think it's pretty obvious that we have come a long way but the issues are the same issue yeah now i i don't think anyone would argue that that a lot has not yet a lot has clearly changed since then and yet the core issues sort of still remain let's talk about thomas edison here i think that probably most of our listeners have heard of thomas edison but maybe not in this context right and maybe people haven't heard about his tests similar is that how you say it yes the tis him had her right so ciller yes let's talk about that a similar thomas edison so so getting back to the question us some time ago how did i decide which characters to focus on and have this all come about i have to say it all started with thomas edison so when i when i learned about the eighteen 78 eclipsed the crossed the wild west in it's important to the united states and then i learned that thomas edison was in wyoming for that just that is clinched at former that will there's gotta be a book in this and the more i looked into it i just each such a fascinating time in the life of one of the most fascinating people in in us history that's so interesting that's an interesting so let's talk about the eclipse itself and here i'm talking about the the one an eighteen 78 yeah your your book the story lines kind of all come together into this you know great climax ready eclipse happens after three people do you think that they all had successful eclipses unsuccessful how how would you sort of rate their experiences.

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