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Ninety radio station. Shocking revelation. I'm Lisa lacerra, Fox News. A sitting Senator claims she was sexually assaulted by superior officer while in the air force. Fox's Jared Halpern with more live on Capitol Hill. Arizona Republican Martha mcsally was the first female air force pilot, the flying combat. She's also a survivor of sexual assault. Unlike so many brave survivors, I didn't report being sexually assaulting like. So many women and men I didn't trust the system at the time during an Armed Services Committee hearing on sexual assault MC Sally talked about being raped by a superior officer. She did not say when the assault occurred her name her attacker in airforce spokesperson says we are appalled and deeply sorry for what Senator mix Sally experience in her steadfast in our commitment to eliminate this reprehensible behavior and breach of trust in our ranks Lisa Jarrett. President Trump's former personal attorney Michael Cohen has wrapped up closed door testimony before the house intelligence committee. Jeopardy host Alex trebek's with an announcement about his health this week. I was diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer toback says he will fight it. And we'll continue to host the game show. He's facing allegations of sexual assault, a singer R Kelly taken into custody for another reason. Fox's grenell? Scott has this live Lisa Arcelli appeared in Chicago courtroom to answer to an issue of one hundred sixty one thousand dollars in back child support when it came out. He couldn't pay it. The singer was taken away by police. His publicist. Darrell Johnson says Kelly doesn't have that kind of money right now. He hadn't worked in a long time. You can't book can do anything. Spend a lot of things going on and mister.

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