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That story and much more. But first, let's get this live Update from ABC News. Thanks for joining us at 10 o'clock. From ABC News. I'm Michelle Franzen. More than a year after the outbreak began, the nation is marking a grim milestone in the pandemic. More than 600,000 Americans have died that, according to the John Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center, ABC is Aaron Carter Ski has more on the families and health workers on the front lines. The burden of the deaths of 600,000 Americans from Covid 19 is carried daily by families and caregivers. One of the hardest things To be here and see these things daily that we see Champagne. Cruise is a respiratory therapist that you see health in Colorado and then to go out and you go home and tried to live a normal life. And to carry on People who don't know what goes on in the ICU who don't take it seriously, who don't think it's important to wear their mask who chose not to get a vaccine? The virus, she told us is still very real. Aaron Carter SKI ABC NEWS New YORK At the same time states once the epicenters of the outbreak are turning a corner, California fully reopening today and in New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has lifted most of the remaining restrictions starting now that after reaching the goal of getting 70% of residents vaccinated And cases down to their lowest What New York has done is extraordinary. We went literally from worst to first a shift in how the Justice Department is dealing with domestic extremism, Attorney General Merrick Garland today, saying the DOJ, along with intelligence agencies will crackdown on racially and ethnically targeted attacks. He says, not posing the largest threat to national posing the largest threat to national security. Only way to find sustainable.

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