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Last night scored thirty three points also handed out eight assists grabbed seven rebounds and set an nba finals record with nine three pointers in the game broke record set by ray allen in the two thousand two or two thousand ten mba finals and game of that series steph curry with nine threes last night and he had plenty of help k d klay thompson and steph curry kevin durant klay thompson and steph curry combined for seventy nine points on fifty six percent shooting that's enough and then you add to it golden state's depth javale mcgee started last night made his first ever nba final start last night perfect from the field he went six for six shaun livingston when five for five last night's game was really about five different things first of all the shot making of steph curry eleven of twenty six but the nine threes including one if you haven't seen the game if you didn't see the highlights a step back he from about thirty to thirty three feet out at the of a shock lock that looked like it had no prayer of going in and it hit nothing but net there was the efficiency of kevin durant last night he was not very efficient in game one he was very much officiant last night he made ten of his fourteen shots made his first five field goals and then there was golden state's overall death how about this we talked about what durant curry and thomson did seventy nine points the other guys shot sixty four percent the ever guys minus steph curry shot sixty four percent steph curry has this huge night scores thirty three nine threes the other dudes shoot sixty four percent we keep talking about what lebron james teammates aren't doing how about what steph curry's teammates are doing now obviously to team mates are bid to the best fifteen players in the league but still steph has this huge night everybody else does theirs offense but to meet the real difference between game on thursday game to last night was especially in.

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