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Of the precincts reporting its measure 110, and it re classifies the possession of small amounts of drugs as a civil violation similar to a traffic offence. So OK, you can get ticketed. For possession of heroin. So it's like the criminal decriminalization of marijuana here in New Hampshire. Correct except it's everything. The penalty now is a $100 fine. Which can be avoided by agreeing to participate in a quote health assessment. So some sort of state mandated, you know, health class? Basically that they will wave the fine if you go to the class. Presumably this would just be to determine whether or not you're addicted. It may be some sort of a group setting. I don't know. I don't know what that's going to look like. And for those who are not actually addicts, which, as we were talking about earlier, not everybody who has a drug is addicted to the drug. Sure, I would suggest Not going to the class and not paying the fine Now in Hampshire, there's Ah couple options They can either give you community service instead of the fine because I don't like to give money to the government. Sure for finds. I think it encourages them. You know, you give money to a bully. He's gonna come back for more money money, right? Or you could just set it off in jail. And I don't know if Oregon offer's that But in New Hampshire is $150 a day credit towards the total. Fine, So 100 bucks would be actually just a day in jail. Pretty easy one night in jail, and then you choose the day sometimes hands on. And if it was for like, pot possession, I would imagine. So it depends on the judge. I think you can, in some cases do that. I know that we did have It was a couple of the actives here, including Darrell Perry had done the sort of check into jail sentence where they were sentenced to a thing. They were willing to go to jail for that thing to pay the fine and they were able to negotiate it A drop off date basically. Like checking in for the night. So I'm here for my stay at the Cheshire Kelty Spiritual retreat..

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