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To, see you great. To be here thanks for having me appreciate it it's awesome. To, have you it's. Hot my heart had. Is slipping off my, head as we speak, how. Are you guys doing in the attics hot, oh start early yes it's, been brutal we've had. Some one hundred. Degree days here it's been hot it's, it's it's, off we're getting them done though because we get a, lot of a lot of calls in the summer many people call, because they can't keep up with the air conditioning it's. Like they put out seventy two it's, eighty degrees in the house like air conditioning company says there's. Nothing else we can do your that's all your conditioner can do the problem, is the addicts too hot so we look at a. Temperature bringing the temperature down to a rating barrier solar. Fans we also. Do installation To. Kind of block that heat so. Yeah this time of year, we get a lot of that kind, of call and it's it's busy. It's really good I just thought about. A great name for a competitor of attic innovations addict nine one one more also sounds. Like a TV show But this, time of year, it feels like. It is an, emergency, yeah it's hot, and it's it's dangerous. To be up there you're guys really take risk by going into the, attic yeah that's why we start early and they're pretty acclimated to but if you start you know you're in an etiquette seven thirty mornings not. Too bad it's at two three four after. Noon it's it's blistering hot so we do stuff the kind of in the addicts in. The mornings, and then we'll do solar fans and stuff like that were maybe outside in the in the. Afternoon because we. Can put a solar fan in we don't have to go in. The attic, it's. Just on the roof outside you and your coupons Oh by the way Tom, decker came out, to my home. And put a, solar, attic fan and, he climbed up the. Ladder with his cougar pause those are the name of that they're special, boots with grips on them I mean you could almost walk up a wall sticky like Spiderman yeah it's incredible and UPI went at is nice. Young right Beja well we'll talk about your. Age coming up because you had a birthday recently birthday UPI goes the ladder with. His, cougar pause he goes up the roof and he. Installs the solar attic fan from. The roof into the attic. You. Didn't, even have to go into the attic because it has to be installed from the outside for obvious reasons you, can't sell from the inside right it's all your issue and so forth and so forth quick and easy no power. To hook up it quick and easy for you when, you're standing on the ground. Well you look like you knew. That you were doing I do know, what I'm doing that's why. It looks easy yeah well I always say that. When, you have somebody, that called you check checker pro-jo knows a lot about home improvement but he's not going on the roof cougar pas and the. Saw and putting that's that's why. We hire you exactly always say that. When you, see somebody that's really good they make it look easy. Then, they know. What they're doing if they're making it, look really. Hard, maybe not that hard man they don't know what they're doing to go home Now. You ever watch a sport like I, like to watch tennis I. Play tennis watch tennis on TV and these professional And you're like that doesn't, look that. Hard, than you go out and try. Yourself balls over the fence outside the. Lines it looks easy but golf. Same way oh and make it. Look so easy, it's like you just hit the ball Exactly down the fairway Tony way. Up on my roof puts it in blows, in attic insulation I got my eight inch in some cases a little more than that where. I. Needed it just to make our house more comfortable and you put, in the attic stairway insulator and Tom gave that to me for free but. He'll. Give it to you for free as well if you order attic insulation radiant barrier. Yes so we have a promotion if you're doing. Installation or radiant barrier will will, install a stairway insulator for free and what the, stairway insulator is love. People aren't familiar with for the pull down stairway that goes, into the, attic access so what it does, is it insulates that board if you ever look up there you're using your cold. Air returns close to that the thermostats right there so you get a lot of false readings on the thermostat a thermostat thanks to house. Is really hot and maybe it isn't that little hallway, because of the heat coming from the attic so this actually make the echinacea run, less than you, have less heat me and pulled out of the attic into the cold air return so insulates at that. Space and does really nice, job you'd. Basically, just go up on zip it. Go in and out of the attic When you're done zip it back close close your door in it'll insulate, that space really, nice and we'll give you free installation, or radiant barrier and then we also have a couple of specials as. Far as pricing on all that stuff as well we talk about saving money and being more comfortable all the time from the attic down what is an ideal attic though what. Needs to be done and what would it, look like when it's done so the three major components of an attic are radiant, barrier what. That. Does is this the first line of defense it's gonna kick the heat away from this structure the attic and the house who keeps the edit. Cooler. Second thing is the ventilation so what the ventilation is going to just gonna pull. Aaron from your soft advance down low and poll. Basically outside air so if it's, a ninety five degree day what gonna do is, gonna pull ninety five. Degree air into your attic but you could be one hundred, and twenty, five degrees so it's relatively cool, that's relatively cool so you're what you're trying to do with ventilation is get the. Addict within ten degrees of the outside temperature so it's ninety-five outside you want your attic to be say over one hundred and five if. It's more than that then we'll look at doing something. If it's if it's better if it's one hundred five hundred two we tell you Ventilation good you don't need to do anything you. Don't need anymore Radi bear we don't need to do anything else maybe look at the installation of that. Point generally the addicts are hotter than that and that's a look at doing solar ventilation. So we're pulling air into this, office in Palmdale super heated air off the top of the addicts we keep? Pulling the hottest air out of the attic the third thing. Is installation that's gonna separate the condition space so you're, spending money, to cool the air inside your house, you want that air to stay in the house you. Don't want the heat coming. From your attic coming into the cool space oh heat finds cool so the heat is actually coming into the space it's. Finding the cool air in heating it up, so the insulation will give you that buffer and that's what the insulation, does and that fourth thing is really just the stairway. Inside that we talked. About that this. Keeps the heat from coming down into the hallway in dust and insects and all kinds of different critters can. Come down through that. Stairway little bugs to silver fish and all that stuff so it. Has a lot of different, things that it does well it's a great product I've got one I love it, I had one, from another manufacturer I know you like to mess with me. On, that because it was. A mess well, yeah because you. Kept talking about one of those And I thought you had one. Of ours a good one and then, I go out there. And like you call. This an insulator so I took a picture of it I was pretty proud. Taking. That, out throw your trash can it was a piece let me get you something. Good. And, what you put in was. Much better nice yeah it's a proprietary product from the attic depot and it's it's a fantastic product yes yeah we have really unique products. So our fan is from. The attic depot and they're actually out of Conroe and then we, do the stairway insulator from them as, well they have really nice. Products so we use their products and the. We use certain teed insulation and then he'd block a ultra installation.

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