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Airport for conspiring to support ISIS WWE w j NewsRadio nine fifty s. Michael Cohen joining us live and local with the latest here. Michael good afternoon. Greg and Brooke authorities say the three men are Lansing residents. Are are naturalized us citizens born in Kenya. One man named moose moose was arrested on Monday afternoon at the Gerald r Ford airport in Grand Rapids was set to board a flight, which was one of a series of stops on the way to Mogadishu Somalia now the other two suspects Mohamed use and Salat Haji were arrested shortly thereafter, they're accused of helping him by the plane ticket and driving him to the airport for the flight all three face up to twenty years in federal prison for knowing that the trip was meant for museum use to join and fight for ISIS. The complaint asserts that all three defendants pledged allegiance to ISIS through videos. They recorded music music Haji allegedly discussed using a car. Car to run over nonbelievers here in the United States if they could not travel overseas to fight for ISIS. Reporting live, Michael Cohen, w w j NewsRadio nine fifty. It's Lenny native American man at the center of a viral video confrontation with students in Washington DC is now offering to visit their Catholic high school in Kentucky to discuss cultural, appropriation and racism, sixty four year old Nathan Phillips was peacefully drumming and singing at the Lincoln Memorial last Friday, when he became surrounded by the students from Covington Catholic high school in the northern part of Kentucky Philip says many of the students were making Tomahawk chopping motions. And he says their behavior was offensive. He's offering to meet with them once again for dialogue about the importance of respecting diverse cultures the minute. Michigan state police say shot a second. I'll tell you police officer during a traffic stop early this morning has been captured Joshua rosebush taken into custody after a brief chase. And shootout in child was very much a coordinated effort between Michigan state, please. Our local and federal partners. Even our federal partners aren't being currently paid. Were there? A lot of support education tracking down the suspect. Making the around. That's Michigan state police Lieutenant David Kaiser says rosebush fired on officers who returned fire and shot. The man officer Jeff Kenna who was initially shocked by rose Bush hospitalized in critical but stable condition, there's still plenty of uncertainty surrounding applications for law enforcement when it comes to legalize recreational marijuana executive director of the Michigan sheriff's association blamed cope says one of the areas where there remains wonder involves drug sniffing dogs are trained to locate marijuana. And there again, this is probably going to take some court rulings determine whether probable cause was obtained correctly or incorrectly from these animals, if they are used cope says many agencies are at a loss as to how these drug sniffing dogs will be able to be utilized Detroit. Mayor boasting today about a big turnaround in the city's property values. Mike Duggan says this year Detroit's home values that increased by. Twelve percent, while assessments of commercial properties have gone up more than double that. He says it's the largest increase in over twenty years. But Dokan said Doug and says it won't hit home owners too hard in the taxes..

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