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Where's your messiah now. But yeah edward g. robinson casablanca is gay thing that humphrey bogart as a gay man in that movie. And that's of the reason why or that relationship between she and him don't work out but how come then they have sex in the movie and oh like you haven't sucked the dick in your life. Brian at the walks off into the sunset with with the was hot rod rain you know exactly and not only that. But he Yeah yeah it's a beginning of a beautiful friendship. However the entire reason why he loved and moved to morocco and started. This started rick places because he was brokenhearted by. What's her face elsa. Well it's the nazis came in into so he left because of the nazis. Yeah but he was a freedom fighter in paris and she wasn't there the in the morning that they were supposed to meet up and so he gave up his entire life and just went off to the bar and just sat and drink and at some as peer. Laurie says everyone always ends up at rick's one later another. But yes as everybody end up rex. Dick's everybody ends up at dick's. Yeah yeah it's I remember when it was being written. They talked a lot about how much gayness they just wanted to put it into the movie and everything you to be gay as gay as possible. They said laurie senate. He's gay didn't wasn't the original line. Is me a hot oil massage again. Sam that is and Sam was played by a black man and originally it was like this big sexy black man who just like ripped his shirt off and then started playing the piano and it was like a full dance. Number pre bogart was licking cherries off of them and events and they said like guys look or making casa blanca. And obviously this is super gay. Everything about this is very gay. So especially sydney greenstreet and He's the one who Is fanning himself. Because he's a large man any. He was also a maltese falcon. Yeah he played gay and that to all they do. If it's a weird thing like Because i was watching that fresh prince of bel air reunion. And the ed have you watched. I'm sorry finish your thought. 'cause i'm dying to talk about will smith and on vivian. Having a heart to heart. Oh yeah but the guy. Who played jeffrey the butler. He has one of those one diff- type of old timey. Hollywood accents that you don't really get it anymore. But it's always weird when you like hear an actor like sydney greenstreet. Whatever been like. Oh yes i believe that this weird weird accent when i have a taste for burger. That's what i order. He's it's not on the menu. I glare at the waiter say improvised dan. I got a tease or some review. Ooh yes we'll and vivian. So so i guess to explain to the listeners. Y'all know who will smith is. You may not know that. One of his breakout roles was of course was the fresh prince of bel-air and in the early seasons of the series they had broadway actress channel. Louise hubert who played his on stern but loving aunt. Vivian on the and she was definitely seen as a camp icon at the time and was inexplicably fired from the show. Or she quit. I'm not sure what happened. And there's going out buying. She wanted money and he was just like she's not getting more money so they clarify. They finally came. So there's been a lot of debate of what has happened. And will smith agrees that basically he made it impossible for her to continue with the show so the producers of the show basically demoted her character and gave her a contract where she could not take on any other acting roles period any other jobs and she was just like. I can't survive on this. You know lower loss of income and only be able to do fresh prince so she was forced to quit the show and In a very intense episode of red table. Talk on facebook on. Vivian janet hubert and will smith face-to-face confronted each other about their disagreement and heartbreak. And i have to say it's one of the most Courageous and intense exchanges between a celebrity. And somebody that they've heard that i've ever seen on television ever and so it really shows that will smith has been you know taking steps to healing and being a better person and to live You know People are expressing the opinion. That will smith probably owes at least a million dollars to janet hubert for torpedoing her career but also like the will smith kept saying lay. I we had to do this. Because i didn't want someone out there. Thinking bad of me or lichen it. We couldn't we couldn't celebrate without acknowledging. James hubert in without having her part of it and like it was all like yes. It was nice. But i did feel that will didn't take as much Ownership ability yeah. Responsibility should have because He was while they're like saying like. Oh i had the to this. It's been twenty seven years and all of a sudden because there is this. Hp max deal like it's again. It's an economic thing like you're getting paid like you have an incentive toward money by and you know and also like they know that that's a big thing to get the people in so it's hard to know but i guess there's just a problem with capitalism in general. It's hard to know like what really is being done for the right reasons. And what's being done. Just because will smith understands What is the best sort of way to get people to want to tune in and so they'll get whatever whether it's money or it just seems strange that it was twenty seven years and then all of a sudden zeitgeist for the past couple of years past couple of years like she like she's been getting a lot of traction talking about it recently and in her relationship and friendship with shane shange from rupaul's drag race also brings up the story back again in recent news or like what happened to aunt. Vivian and so shangila. who's in the public is. Well tells her side of the story her perspective and you you know. It is very clear that on vivian. Janet hubert was given sour deal and also too i think especially when we hear from jada two in the pink at one stink at smith about her entanglements. That this family is now getting used to airing You know their laundry for the public to consume as a way to increase appetite of like what you know the.

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