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You eight five five two one two for CBS that they five five two one two four two two seven along with Twitter and Facebook so you can either participate in first responder Friday or you can send us your candidate for the most iconic uniform numbers in sports I think it will be fun whether they're retired or you think they should be retired whether they were where our our most closely associated with one particular athletes or almost done but the the a group of generational athletes if that makes sense so you got one amazing iconic athlete that wore the number and it's all under then for the next guy to have that number I'll give you an example from my alma mater forty four forty four is a cherished and precious number for Syracuse football and actually not to for thirty football for Syracuse basketball as well and it was a privilege to be able to wear that number it wasn't just given out to anyone and if you have the number forty four you had to carry on the tradition Jim Brown Ernie Davis Floyd little forty four meant something again it was a legendary number that man you had to carry on the tradition and so if you're going by that example and you have a particular number that as I kind of get associated with one athlete well then consider whether or not it's retired or whether or not it's been passed down to others and what does it mean when you get to where that number as an athlete could you get at Syracuse it was a big deal the number it's been retired but the guys who wore it and even on the basketball court if you wore forty four what it meant that you were required to live up to higher expectations so there is an expectation that comes with these iconic uniform numbers as well so you can send me those ads if you just send me a number without sending me the name of an athlete then you are assuming that it's so iconic I will remember it now I should know just from my experience throwing out these types of questions that sometimes my idea of iconic and your idea of iconic not the same thing so I would respectfully ask that if you want me to use the number that you sent me the name of the athlete that you associate with that number some of them short easy peasy bill is one of many right now who is sending me ninety nine Wayne Gretzky the great one got you Michael Jordan twenty three says Bryant for sure Jackie Robinson forty two although Mariana Rivera also wore forty two and he was a pretty iconic in as well it was a it was a privilege that he did not take lightly so if again if you want me to know what what me did not get what number you think is I got it what apple you think is wearing that iconic number that you've recorded your tool Hey all radio or on our Facebook page my idea of iconic and your idea of iconic let's be honest won't always jive on our Facebook page Mike says Hey Amy I listen to you every night on my graveyard shift on patrol I'm a patrol officer and my wife is a deputy sheriff in Idaho were also both in the national guards Mike thank you for your service as well as your wife he doesn't want to give a shout out to my kids and the kids around the country who are being strong weather moms and dads are out there so proud of our little ones yeah it's a family effort when you join the service when you and list when you are on the front lines whether it's law enforcement fire EMC right now medical professionals while your whole family is all in as well Leanne on Facebook my daughter heather is a tech at university of Colorado health memorial in Colorado springs and so Leanne wants to honor her daughter Steve says our son Dr Michael cyber works at Allegheny General Hospital in Pittsburgh we have not seen him in about a month as he's required to mostly keep away from people when not in the hospital and properly protected plus he fears passing the virus to us well that makes sense of you are exposed and certainly anyone the medical professional would know that if you are exposed more than you want to be sure you protect the ones are closest to you as best you can not always possible to protect them from everything Roberts says on Facebook robin the different rob is the firemen in Naples Florida rob thank you for your service so again your first responder Friday a post that honor someone that you know who's on the front lines right now and the most iconic uniform numbers in sports weather worn by a single individual or associated with more than one individual eight five five two one two for CBS at eight five five two one two four two two seven good to have you on board after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS sports radio ninety five years deals free to deliver the goods key businesses and communities moving now in this uncertain time we will stop going that extra mile because at.

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