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This episode is brought to you by audi. The holidays are here. And it's time to get started on those wishlist but this year may be swapped the fuzzy slippers and cashmere sweaters for something more exhilarating like the cutting edge available virtual cockpit amid my systems and the confidence of quattro all wheel drive which can only be experienced behind the wheel of a new audi and some through te'o wishlist at the season of audi sales event. Happening now i. Today is wednesday december thirtieth. Two thousand twenty on this day in two thousand six former president of iraq. Saddam hussein was executed. Welcome to today and true. Crime a spotify original from podcast. I'm vanessa richardson and today. I'm joined by our guest host. Kate leonard from daily quote. Her show explores a new quote each day from inspiring figures. All around the world. Kane is joining us to discuss some of the historical aspects of today's story while the narrative. Thanks vanessa i'm excited to be diving into this fascinating story now. Let's go back to saturday. December thirtieth two thousand six around six am in baghdad. The room was still dark as the sun rose and yet no one turned on a proper light instead. They clump together in the dim industrial space talking amongst themselves and waiting there were about two dozen of them there that morning for the of a dictator. It was a surprisingly small crowd. Only witnesses and the executioners themselves would be allowed the grim privilege of witnessing saddam hussein's final moments some were buzzing with anticipation others however stood in silence. They all knew the significance of the ground they stood on. It was the former headquarters of saddam hussein's defunct secret police. It was a place that had facilitated the violent interrogations of hussein's enemies for years. More than one man. Standing in the room had been tortured by saddam's spies in that very building and now they were about to watch the man responsible die. Finally it was happening. The door opened and three guards with black ski masks escorted an older bearded man in a dark overcoat into the room. There'd been whispered that. Saddam had put up a struggle when they came to take him from his cell that morning but the man in front of the now showed no signs of resistance as he stepped inside the dark room. He looked drawn. And aged hussein's characteristic. Pride and fire seemed to have been sapped. That was left was a quiet man who suddenly looked all of his sixty nine years. Perhaps for the first time he was vulnerable and yet saddam remained calm composed even a camera snapped it's flash illuminating the room for a moment then broken from its stupor. The room suddenly came alive. Voices clamored and more cameras clicked punctuating. The this as the former president was led up a steep metal staircase at the top stood a platform in its center hung alone. Noose in stood stoically with his hands bound behind his back as his executioner placed a black cloth around his neck but when offered a hood be placed over his head he refused it was only once he was on top of the gallows platform overlooking a crowd of witnesses. That the sparks of hussein's defiance finally reemerged. He shouted to the crowd. God is great. The nation will be victorious and palestine is arab then the rope was placed over his head. Prayers and taunts alight could be heard from the room below as hussein stood with the noose around his neck. One of the executioners told him that he had destroyed iraq arguments erupted around the room. in response hussein. A suny muslum mocked a prominent shiite cleric. They would be some of the last words he ever uttered. The noose was tightened and the trap door beneath his feet opened with a great crash. The metal platform gave way hussein. Dropped through the floor and the room erupted into chaos. The witnesses clamored over to the place where he had fallen checking to see if it worked if he was really gone as they gathered around cheers echoed across the cement room. Saddam hussein the former president of iraq the tyrant who had held an iron grip over the country for over two decades was finally coming up. The world wakes up to the news of saddam's. This episode is brought to you by audi. The holidays are here again. And it's time to fill out those holiday wishlist but this year. Avoid the usual. Trappings set aside the fuzzy slippers and cashmere sweaters. And consider something a little more exhilarating like the feel of available nappa leather the cutting edge available virtual cockpit and emma my systems and it confidence of quattro all wheel drive all of which can only be experienced behind the wheel of a new audi and some through to your wishlist. At the season of audi sales event happening now now back to the story on december thirtieth two thousand six former president of iraq. Saddam hussein was executed by hanging before a small audience of witnesses in baghdad. It was officially the end of a dictator whose brutal reign over iraq had lasted decades my guest host. Kate is going to take over from here to discuss the details of saddam's crimes. And the impact is death had on iraq and the globe. Thanks vanessa saddam hussein's rise to prominence in the nineteen sixties began nearly forty years before his death. At the time hussein was part of the baath or renewal party that came to power in nineteen sixty eight hussein quickly rose the ranks and was selected as iraq's vice president then for ten years. He bided his time plotting to secure his own future. A.

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