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Leila fred backus miami fees all right i'll ride hour good morning everybody how you doing nick gilio here at seven twenty wgn were live and the allstate studios 74 trip tower we are here to five am 80s friday that means fly james friday we'll be back and we also have all of our regular features straight out of context that's of course when you listen to this radio station 247 it whenever anybody says something that sounds a little dirty can pull out of context makes you laugh shut down the day the time who said it sent it to nick d show gmailcom uh so we get that coming up we also have nikki show spies that's when he was in twenty four seven whenever anybody mentions mir the shown any capacity you becomes by judd all down and send a tunic de show gmailcom and we continue our trek to the dummy of the year we will have the winners of each week of from april may june corrected yes those yet we'll read those back end up picked the dummy of this week and then we will narrow down to four finalists and we will vote for the dummy of the year that's coming up a later on as well our phone numbers three one two nine eight one seven two hundred for talk and text and if you have any questions regarding consumer issues if he were worried about scams you have any kind of consumer related question or comment or odd need herb weisbaum is going to join.

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