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Zalid. 's studio sixty six positively the overflowing with enthusiasm and a superstar in the sports media one of the rising stars or maybe she's already risen prison and is now at the top of the pyramid here in in the sports media either way. We're over the moon to celebrate to mark the start of the two thousand nineteen n._f._l. Season season the hundredth year of the n._f._l. With the great meena kinds what's happening so honored to be making my second appearance trying to remember when the i was. I think it was mid season. I think it was somewhere. During the two thousand eighteen season. I do remember we brought out the literal ten all to address them. Important football related matters. I believe i said when prodded with the poll words that it should not be taking a context that i believed pat. Mahomes had the potential to be the greatest cordeaux. That's right that was that which leads me to believe it was fairly far along along in this season because i can't imagine it would have said that i wish december eighteen okay so that was bold though that was i think it did you touch it yeah because we'll potential attention to become the greatest can i can. I start off on a weird place when you when you came in. I am somebody who's not very sort of huggy and i hadn't seen and so i kinda was like oh thanks for come in and like you didn't hug either not about money. Smith is also not a hugger mugger m._v._p. Ep former producer here of the d._s._p. Not a hugger so you're not a hugger either. I think i did that. Same sort of you know middle school dance hug with you. I saw tell you at rams camp. I think i went in. Did i see that when i don't remember i know i would have said the wrong precedent no but i would have recoiled from it especially especially then because it was hot out there and i wouldn't want i went and i can get dui in that kinda situation and i wouldn't want to put that on you who is a hugger race. Jones drew yeah no matter how hot it is how was let's start there and we have so many important football matters to jump into and we are not going to break out the literal ten foot pole today instead will focus august another one of our annual things. The jenga theory every team in pro football is going to sustain injuries in the twenty first century. The eh real concern is if you lose the wrong guy much like jenga game. If you pull him out of the equation the whole thing can implode. We have to figure out we'll see how far we can get. Hopefully we can cover all all thirty two teams of course. We're not beginners here so we're not going to involve quarterbacks. If you remove any quarterback from the equation this side of the new york giants at least sorry spaghetti eddie in his ally manning retro very tightly fitting <hes> giants jersey..

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