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Terrible cross country secrets without making turn on the moving okay he has to make you think jenny gump would wanna have sex of them he has to believably pull out being a football player soldier vietnam vet shrimp boat owner jogger as well someone with a heart and soul slightly smarter than let's on in the whole time you have to buy that he is a seventy i q tom hanks have really anxious great i love hanks it's great i don't think anyone else all right so let's say for gump happens ten years later i think matt damon goes for too smart that's that's why i think he tries to do it and i don't think it works brad pitt brad pitt basically has done this pardon seven movies so yeah brad pitt as forrest gump i think i kind of liked that little too handsome that's a bad haircut the dirty with brad pitt is like crewcut brad pitt is not as sansom that's true he needs the blonde hair gone okay yeah i don't know who is who's our ordinary guy movie star from the two thousand because that's what tom hanks says he's the embodiment of the every man and that's why people find it easier to relate to him ryan reynolds nice handsome tom hanks's like is a handsome guy tom hansen hey thanks ugly ugly he's just he's just he's a regular guy i think he knows that he's got that regular guy appeal and we don't have a lot of actors like that anymore you know like chris pratt is gonna has regular guy appeal but he also has jacked chris pratt nine jack chris pratt work okay yeah hank's cots gaining a couple of these movies it was good career move definitely will philadelphia's very skinny see didn't think we could do forrest gump any last words no this was fun and i think that this movie now officially has a bad rap and that's why i'm glad we did this part even like asking ringer staffers and view that sappy that only seen it once actually really worth saying and genuinely rewatch able i was not board yeah so i would say it's one of the few monster giant movies that have come out that you could watch with any member of your family absolutely although then you have to explain premature jackie latian the aids crisis watergate now see that the ku klux klan aids goes right over the heads of the the kids okay my son would have no idea was going under actually my son will probably have a better chance of knowing the my that my daughter but they're innocent daughter myself proud maybe can show to him tonight the maybe shown.

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