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A twenty nine year old illinois man convicted of the june twenty seventeen murder of union jank a chinese scholar who vanished two months after arriving to united states to pursue a doctoral degree at the university of illinois her killer brench christians in with the graduate teacher and doctoral candidate at the university christianson was fascinated with ted bundy and had admitted to a university counselor in march of twenty seventeen but he had fantasized about abducting and killing someone but then told the counselor but he did not have those kinds of thoughts anymore a month later he started visiting an internet forum called obstruction one oh one where he participated in discussions about planning the perfect kidnapping on that forum he wrote of his plan to buy a duffel bag large enough to fit a body inside when his girlfriend went on vacation in june of twenty seventeen he purchased such a bag only internet and began searching for his victim christianson encountered zhang as she was on her way to sign a lease for new apartment city surveillance video shows her waiting at a bus stop as a black saturn hatchback pulls up next to her the vehicle was later identified as brank christian since he offered jangled ride and she got into his car never to be seen again christianson to jank to his apartment where he strangled and raped her then bludgeoned and stabbed her to death he decapitated her and disposed of her body the surveillance video led investigators to brent christianson who admitted to offerings django ride but denied killing her without enough evidence to arrest him authorities turned to christian since girlfriend asking her to wear a wire she agreed and was able to record him confessing to the crime at a memorial service verging christianson confessed to his girlfriend that he was responsible possible for shanks disappearance he opened the notes function on her phone to type it with me she was number thirteen she is gone forever union james body has not been found after being found found guilty christianson offered to weed investigators to her remains in exchange for not receiving a death sentence his formal sentencing is scheduled for july.

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