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Shrimp. A scallops Whatever you WANNA see her steak and they get dern hot, and you have the better ones have. Pretty good propane control, and it's just a flat. Metal surface it's. Not Cast Iron. but It really works, and it's a lot of fun. There, there are some smaller ones are great for camping, but if you are into the outdoor cooking and you've got a gas grill, you gotTa Charcoal Grill. You gotta smoker now you need. Grill, All right, so that's in the three hundred fifty dollar range, you said. I! It's three twenty nine. Around there all right so check that out as well sure, most of the stuff is listed over meet heads website. As well meet had is at amazing ribs, DOT com. That's the website, but yet go ahead. Let me just point out you say listed over RS website I just want to point out anybody who's listening is not from there. We test. We Review we rate. We linked to wear to buy it, but we don't sell anything right. You're not a retail. Now we don't sell anything except membership on our pitmasters club otherwise I don't even sell my own book. You gotTA. Go to Amazon get there, you go. Which? I see it right over your right shoulder. That's the best our from what I understand. One of the best ever written top ten books ever written right Burr. Thank you the other thing I wanted to ask you about this evening. I'm going to be having Jon. Marcus on here in just a few short minutes I think we both widely agree that he is somebody that has exposed many millions of people into or at least inspiring them into getting into some form or fashion of live fire, grilling industry and tonight. I don't know if you're aware, but there was a first attempt at a pay per view barbecue contests. Did you know anything about this? And well I just found out about it and flipping through twitter today I saw Ray lampy site and I saw on twitter feed coupla others talking about this fight club, and then when I log in. Your listeners were talking about it, and the comments and I'm still not clear as to what it's all about I'm interested in hearing more sounds like it's a competition pay per view very interesting concept. I don't know how many people are willing to pay to watch competition barbecue, but if they show was a little more than what your typical TV show is showing us, it might be worthwhile and hey, listen. You mentioned John, I'm a huge fan of John Marcus I met him when the first pitmasters. Came on TV I was doing a weekly review for the Huffington. Post I reviewed every week. They were great fun. And John is one of the most remarkable people in the barbecue community. He is truly a man for all seasons erudite. Well read. Did you know he's a playwright? Did I, of course I know. He wrote a fabulous tones for crying out loud. Yet I actually purchased a script to the liposomes which you can read and forty five minutes It's a fun fun play. he's written a couple of other places. You know of people who know of in know that he was. He won an emmy for his job as a writer on the bill cosby show. And Just you know. Coal creators. He was co-creator of a different world. You remember that that was a spin off of the cosby show. That was wildly successful. The Lisa Bonet a I think Marisa Tomei. A younger Theresa Marisa Tomei was in that as well. I mean that's a big deal. Just those things are. Huge he's. He's very very knowledgeable, very experienced. and. His expertise goes way beyond barbecue into all matters food literature. Truly. Unlike anybody else I. Know the Barbecue World. So to get back to the fight club, so it was a nine dollars. Ninety nine cents get down for this evening now yesterday to entice you at six PM. Eastern. They had a let's call round table outside and some secret undisclosed location I know exactly where it is by the way but. They had they had the guy from smoking hogs, Massachusetts Bill Gillespie the pitmasters from nine one three Barbecue Darren war is competing. Of course, Tim. Sheer is over there. Luke Darnell from old Virginia Smoke Kelly words from four legs of Barbecue I believe that was rounding out the competition, so they had these six folks going up against each other and what I'm trying to ascertain is. How much was show I? Mean Look I'm no idiot here. I know how a barbecue competition runs, and if you're starting out from the beginning, which I doubt they were. I mean what are we looking at at a minimum time commitment of five hours or six hours, so there's no way they showed a barbecue competition starting at six o'clock tonight, and it's already over so that there had to have been some or a bunch of prerecorded offer. Maybe they were cooking during the day today, and they were making packages, and then filtering in some live stuff at six. o'clock I'm not sure exactly how it work. Work, because I can't as much as I like because your guy. Day Neil over there in Chicago was one of the big operating partners in this I think he put the deal together with fight. TV in order to get this off the ground. He's in the motor sports to, and that's part of the show that he has over there on wgn and when he was on last week talking about it, I thought I dug the concept. But what I keep going back to back me up on this. Muda Barbecue people are inherently cheap fast, and for them to squeeze ten dollars out.

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