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As a kid, I was four years old and I wanted to be a race car driver. But it's such a far -fetched dream. Every kid wants to be a race car driver at some point. And then you dream about being the fastest guy on earth because you're a kid. And the simple fact that you actually can get in the race is already a blessing, an honor, because not many people get to do that. But then winning it is another level. And then after you've won, being able to race it again, it's you get to appreciate things a lot more. And it's becoming, for me, my favorite race of the year, favorite event. But also my favorite game. I love to talk about the race as a game. It's tactical. You have to be very strategic. It's a bit like a chess game. Well, now we've been asking everybody what actor would play them. Have you come to any conclusion when they do the Simon Pageno story? What do you think? OK, let's go. I love the idea of Sacha Baron Cohen playing you with that French accent. You know what we're talking about? It's from Saladaga Nights. Who else would be good at it? I'm trying to think of... I would like to think of a good French actor. We've already thrown out Gerard Depardieu. I don't think that's right. A good Jean Dujardin. Do you know Jean Dujardin? from... Yes, He played in a black and white movie recently. What was the name of the movie? Yeah, I know what you're talking about. The meme? What's it called? I don't remember. Jean Dujardin? Jean Dujardin. To start, he's a comedian. Really funny. But he's becoming one of the top actors in France. And he plays a lot of roles in the U .S. Yeah, that's a good one. So that's our casting? Yeah, we're going with that one. All right. OK, very good. OK, very good. Well, it's always a great pleasure. I hope you do great. We'll be watching for you. Yeah, how's Norman? Norman's great. Actually, he's here. I hesitated to take him to meet today with me. But then I thought, you know, I don't know if the new policies here at the Speedway will allow dog hair on the floor. So I wasn't too sure. Spoken as someone who might know what that's like. It'd be great to have a picture of a dog sticking his head out of an Indy car. Absolutely. With that look on their face, like, I'm driving. Exactly. But he's here. He's on site. The problem I have is every time I take him out, it's like being Tom Cruise. Yeah, yeah, yeah. You know, people jump on you on the street. He's too famous. He's too famous, man. I can't go anywhere. This is the only interview where someone's going to present you with an environmentally correct dog poop bag. You wouldn't believe. He has all the dog poop bags. Come on. I'll give you right back. Hold on, hold on. Somebody take a picture of that. That is great. That is too good. You both have doggy bags in your pockets. What is going on? The policies of the Speedway is very strict. Dog people. These are dogs. OK. Simon Pascio. Thank you, Simon. Go get them, brother. Love you, man. You're going to need to go, man. Ryan Hunter Ray joins us here at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Great seeing you, sir. Thank you. Thank you. Thanks for having me on. Now, who's the tallest of all the drivers? I would say Stefan Wilson. He's the tallest. And then next up would probably be Graham Rayhall. Yeah. And then I'll fall in line somewhere right there. Right behind that. And we've been talking weight classes and adding the ballast, et cetera, et cetera. Where do you fall in that? I'm like, I don't know, like fourth from. Same on the height chart, basically, right? I'm like fourth from heaviest, something like that. Is that any kind of an advantage? No, that's disadvantage. They've done a really good job mitigating that situation because it used to be where it was just the driver, whatever he weighs, whatever size he is, you go in there and there's no weight ballast. Now everybody has to ballast up to the heaviest driver. The problem is you have your body's bigger. It's a higher center of gravity in the car. Yeah, that's right. Your weight mass is higher. Do they get to experiment where they put the weight, like on a sailboat and ballast? They have to put it in one designated area. Wow, that's amazing. Is there any way to cheat? No, they're pretty tight on it. You've heard stories of drivers when they go to weigh in, having lead underwear and stuff like that. It's funny, I've heard some stories of guys getting caught, all of a sudden a piece of a lead weight would fall out of their pocket and all this other stuff. So not something I want to get caught. When do they weigh you? Is it the beginning of the month, the beginning of the season? What's the cutoff? Every race, they weigh you after practice on Friday. So for the Indy 500, it was after the first practice day, which was Tuesday, after the GP. This is going to be a series of dumb questions. Sure. You don't have to give me the number, but who's the most famous person you have in your cell phone? I don't know. It depends on who you're asking, right? In the hockey world, Keith Yandle is a good buddy of mine, so everybody would know him. He'll be here for the race, actually. How about you? You've got a bunch of famous friends. Again, it depends who you ask. You ask kids my son's age, Millie Bobby Brown would be the biggest. I have no idea who that is. Yeah, no, ask your kids. All they want is Taylor Swift. Yeah, exactly. Ryan Tannehill is a good friend of mine. It just depends what kind of world you're in. Well, on that same note, I've been asked this to all the drivers, who plays you in the movie? I think

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