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News the blast of arctic air spreading into the deep south on this warning from experts hypothermia israel and it can kill you fox meterologist adam cloth on what to expect temperatures falling down into the negatives across the huge area of the country for a feels like temperature negative 12 in indianapolis up and down the coast that those feels like temperatures will be down in the teens in some cases the negatives it gets even colder yet as we run into new year's day you're getting feels like temperatures down to negative twenty degrees in chicago negative 13 degrees in st louis it is going to be absolutely frigid it's going to be frigid for those folks standing out at times square eleven degrees wind chill of negative to no winner in the powerball jackpot on saturday nights at a rolls over for four hundred forty million dollars the next drawing wednesday night an iranian official says two protesters previously reported as being shot killed by police were actually shot and killed light foreign agents although the iranian official did not say which countries agents the protests which began as economic outrage and since then have shifted to anger over the political system there president trump tweeting up many reports of peaceful protests by rain insistence fed up with regimes corruption and it squandering of a nation's wealth to fund terrorism abroad iranian government should respect their people's rights including right to express themselves this was followed up quickly by a sharp response from iran's foreign ministry include the following rainy people give no credit to the deceitful an opportunity for march.

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