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Tonight. And paulin makita researcher. Espn he's a honcho on the show. Get up he says he's on show and mike greenberg has advise this otherwise you doing today. I am doing extremely well this morning. Working from home and really taking things to a really to a new low today. I wanted to be starting very shortly. When i pop up the podcast here. A couple racks of ribs in the smoker very early in the morning. I'm just thinking all these liberties at this point he from home has become so normal. Now that i'm essentially just jeopardizing my career. But you know what i think. Ribs are the best food in the world and had imagine growing up in a farm. You a great. I'm not gonna go there. I'm not going to give my opinion on ribs. Not my favorite things. I would i feel like is going on. You're trying to distract from what's going on with your phillies really wiscon- bed this is this is comfort food for you because we all thought the village who take advantage of that soft schedule and know they're drifting what happened last night crushed me. I think zack wheelers. Siam chances just absolutely vanquished that ridiculous oh to pitch to cisco mahia. He is bill for some reason to muto. Felt like it was a wise idea to throw belt high fastball. Out over the plate otsu so you get what you pay for. That was a devastating loss for this team. I think when this when we sorta right the postscript here for this for the police season that should be one of those games that really stands out in on the other side it demonstrates how incredibly good the raise our when it matters the only plus fifty run differential butter in the ninth inning alone. It is completely absurd with those guys do late in games than as a phillies fan. I really takes it at last night. Yeah i love the raise tweet that they send out last night that they're on pace which is not something here from teams very often but the run win a hundred games Which just tell you again. You know just how good that team is I wanted to get your thoughts on the melena first off. You believed that next year will actually b.'s. Last year because when i heard that yeah right he'll he'll catch another year after that miami is to say yes at least it will be his last year for the cardinals the way that the cardinals sort of announced it made. It seem like we love yati and next years His last year with us. I suppose if he played really well next season. There's no obvious reason why as it's help is there. He wouldn't wanna play elsewhere. I think there's something magical sort of About baseball's mystique when you play two decades for the same team and no one else has definitely been a thing over the years but it would spun me if he played in twenty twenty. Three for the cardinals. But it wasn't stunned me. If you've played in twenty twenty three for someone else all right what what else do you have on yati. Well boston think it just provides us an opportunity to sort of put his career in perspective and the reason for it is because his sort of hall of fame. Candidacy has been a topic of much debate on the internet. And that's because he's produced about forty wins above replacement forty war for his career. But i've yet to talk to each single person whose opinion i value around the game. That thinks that's a good approximation for the value that he provides bumps her. They'll give you two reasons. Why think that number comes up short. The first of which is since molina became the cardinals everyday catcher in two thousand five. You had me track this note for years now. St louis has allowed eight hundred and thirty stolen bases which is three hundred seventy nine fewer than any other team in dust. It should come as no surprise that during that time. The cardinals lead all baseball in double plays turned a bunch of those are courtesy of yati and secondly his career. Era has a catcher mystery. Point six nine to look at all. Other cardinals catchers since two thousand five four point one eight that is a massive gap the gap equivalent to the difference between rank second and sixteenth team during that time or better yet difference between the careers of mike and freddy garcia. Half a run per game buster. So if i told you that yod defense was worth happy. Run per game. Would you laugh me out of the room. Absolutely not look. Here's the thing. And i just talked to doug glanville about this. I really feel like it's we get closer to the voting on molina. The most important voices are going to be those of ex players. Earn players like a lot of times. You know when we talk about a player like miguel cabrera nerd like me can go on the internet and find numbers and say miguel. Cabrera is amazing. But i think that we're going to need players former players in a guys like chris carpenter to talk about a hear their voices in an and have them explain. Exactly what it means to have your team allow a by a you. Almost half the number stolen base attempts to As compared audrey during the career and what that means for pitcher the peace of mind for fisher standing out on the mound where he didn't even have to worry about the guy at first base. You know what they're not gonna run on him. I think our catcher evaluation is decades away from being a science and yati or molina's cases a perfect example of that. The only thing i'll add is only two catchers have ever been inducted on the first ballot. Johnny bench in padre rigas so there are all sorts of people that seem to think is going to add his name to that list but history says he's got enough dope fine all right. Tell me about an elite hitter. We don't recognize the way that we should. His name. is your alvarez for the astros and i for the life of me. Can't figure out why we don't consider this a frequent superstar buster. He's one of three players in the history of baseball hoo through two hundred career game which is exactly where he's at right now. Has fifty home runs and fifty doubles. The other. two are chuck klein and joe dimaggio. Both did so before world war two. He is the best hitter on the best lineup in baseball by a long shot. He's angry at the age of twenty four. I don't have much else to add. Except for the fact that if you're putting together a list the best players in baseball and he's not on it it's just not a credible list what he got in the san francisco giants and just keep on rolling Or a weekly basis complaining. That i'm not talking about them on the podcast enough and you know what the right because they just keep winning. And i've not been able to figure out how they really dug into it this week number one. Do they hit when they have to buy. Oh ps giants on the fourteenth. Best batting line in baseball with the game tied the seventh best batting line baseball with a lead but the own the best batting line in baseball and ps of seven eighty four when trailing within a game number two. they're pitching defense are just in sync. The giants pitching staff owned the highest round ball rate in baseball forty seven percent and despite that volume their defense ranks four in baseball in converting ground. Balls into out at about seventy six percent and three that pitching staff is the most efficient in all of baseball. Giants pitchers average about sixteen pitches per inning. Nephew was in the majors and that is in large part. Because they're the most aggressive pitching staff in baseball. They only first pitch strike rate of sixty four percent. You guess that's highest in baseball so on september fifth. We've got the dodgers and we got the giants on sunday night baseball. So i'm gonna steal all of that from you before a baby san francisco next week on last one. Tell me what you got on the orioles We were celebrating today for taylor. Guys like dramatic any for brandon. Hide this awful. Losing streak is over. I thought really funny note yesterday where you decided over the course of each of the each of the games to to bet against the orioles to win you would've wound up winning the.

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