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That's what they paid him for laugh year, Steven A, and the fact that the giants were MAC got the whole Antonio thing. Ron he said multiple times a couple of days that the Pittsburgh Steelers are paying by the Oakland Raiders, you know, that's not. It's not they're not paying one time. Oakland have to pay the entire potential fifty four million with incentives to end Tonio Brown. So many people all three years. The Pittsburgh Steelers. Didn't pop amortize pass salaries. That's what it did cap. It doesn't seem to understand that. Okay. So how do the Pittsburgh Steelers win? They get to twelve players off their roster and clear a whole bunch of Vic. Because it here's my problem with just an obvious things you act like any player that has a businessman talented is bad news. If you're Levy on bell. I do understand. He was suspended twice. I do understand the durability was a question because he got injured once or twice, but you act like a guy that's making a business decision to be paid as market value is a problem. I don't find On that that to be a problem that that I've I've used. you said Antonio Brown was a problem. Because of how kids are is. He was willing to be because he wanted out all of a sudden he's a Big Ben under the bus. Well, he's throwing Tomlin under the bus or he's throwing ownership or the GM under the bus. That's different Levy unbelted and do any of those things he simply held out for what he believed his market value was that's not a problem child. Levian bell in his final four is playing for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Well, actually that includes stuff start a weapon messed up the start of their fees and four years twice with this bench twice with all Bing out levian Bill with absent playoff three out of his final four years playing against the patriot. And went out, you know. You know, I think early on in the first quarter with an injury. He was injured three out of four years. Levian bell wanted seventeen million dollars idea. I feel is he ends up getting twelve and a half and missing I year at fourteen five. Lemme on bell won. This thing is beyond me. Absolutely beyond me. He'll cook fourteen and a half. We don't even know how much about thirty five Darren Tate, his real guarantees because these agents they love to throw these figures for guarantees, but a Water Filter guarantees if he's on the rock, but I can tell you this. But I can tell you this Levy bell was assigned of the deal unless that thirty five million dollars guaranteed. We don't even know if the thirty five is real Stephen. I'll bet you. I'll bet you dollars to known it part of that if they pay assuming you've you're on the rocks on the Wasser in either two thousand twenty or two thousand and twenty one I'll bet you thirty five is not guaranteed a front in totality. I know because all the details out I'll Becca that's the case. Now, the is made a smart move because they didn't give up squat again. Antonio basically gonna have to eat the thirty million and he won't play for them. You know? To see a family losing. And he's not eating as toner. That's. That's going to go down and say midseason this coming season, it'll be older junior. If the Cleveland, I mean, if the Cleveland Boone's on on winning the. Bill. He to worry about being injured for the plant because they late making definitely agree with that last plot. But I think that in Cleveland Odell Beckham Judy got a chance to make the players will Baker Mayfield. Jarvis Landry with Kareem hunt with Nick shovelnose, boys. And that defense, I definitely think that they got a chance to make the place, but we'll see call. I gotta run man. Thank you so much for the call. I get your perspective. And I appreciate it. It eight say ESPN, it's inundate seven to nine three seven seven six..

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