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The ceo owner founder janitor geoff cooke of of uh a death where i come up with them yes so how is a freshmen in college in at always had the dream to have a brand of networks staff had were now a fun and you know so growing up i always wanted wien from southern california the have my own brandon mr gates lifestyle in history it just intrigue me i loved in i was so enamoured with what those brands meant so as a freshmen in college i was kinda cruising around going hino was it it's time i need to figure out how i'm going to start this brand the literally i spent some time try to trademark a bunch of names everything came back was getting balance all kind of sitting in wednesday going you know what i'm in lose my last name nash any as fast for letters that'll fit nice on the tag so that's kind of where the idea originally started with the name and with that i was like okay how do i start this brand screen printed a bunch of tshirts my last name on it spent the next thing was three months i sold about two thousand tshirts i literally hustled out of my backpack and found the right kid walking with shoes exactly andrews was hustled in heart telemit's kids in kind of started a little college buzz around my breath and i don't think enough people do not hang around skateboards jobs through the with mice sonn was getting into that era find find out what school is going there i would hang out the as k for jobs if i like the couple of kids i'd say what school to go to a brand with courtesy of the night would narrow my schools non political kids yup the often i think that's a marketing ploy for almost everything right him and from that words you go yeah from there so i munster shirts kinda created this cool little buzz which was funny in an uncle towns i was going to brigham young university failure we are in pro bowl in created as cool buzz in the only thing in utah visas the utah jazz they'd had recognition outside a utah was pro snowboarders because that for these guys would come from all over the world to go to park city train site became friends with those guys was shredding with them in i was.

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