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Well, it had David's tumor written on it. I think they knew what it was at the level of a college refrigerator. This is this is Coney yogurt mind David's tumor. But I think like if I lived in Florida, okay? Which is very likely. I think it would always be worth it to have a baby c could throw the placenta to gator. So now in cater with love percentage. So worth it to have the meaning then fathering being a mentor to this child and taking adoption. I just do it. So I could throw the placenta too. Well. I was excited to come in this morning and get the opportunity to talk to you. And I have a lot of gratitude for that. Because I'm an enormous fan of your mind. And this is a huge treat from me. Gosh, it's street for me to and you know, that's another thing. And I knew you came from a big family. But I think that's another reason that we could be friends. I always feel like people who come from big families. There's something in common, you know, Sarah, thyr and wife. Yeah, he comes from a big family. And I love the thyr fan. I love how you meet one. And you can tell that you're talking to a thyr my God. Yes. Yeah. It's not that they they do resemble each other. But their voices are like, but they just have a sensibility. That's similar. I love meeting people in big families who who who have that. And I think too I feel so bad for people who only children I think it's really important to be able to hide in a family, and I don't think. That glare. I don't think that attention is healthy in any way to get that much attention from from apparent. I just don't think it's good for anybody. I just got back, you know, from the holidays a while ago. And I so much about my life is we do the podcast the show. There's the the big Conan logo on urinal cakes at the office. I mean, it's just ridiculous. And I'm Anne. And that can get toxic. And then you go home, and nobody cares. They don't care. We all gathered around and they make fun of me. And I'm the butt of jokes. And you're right back in there. You're having some of the same arguments you had back, you know, twenty years before with the same people, and there's the same alliances, and as, you know, shifting alliances all the time, you know, it's fascinating. But incredibly comforting to go back and just be part of a larger unit again, I feel bad for with back pain. I feel really bad for people with Crohn's disease. But I think I feel worse for people who hate their families. And who say have got Christmas outta my goodness survive. I just think that something so fundamental to to to have gotten the short straw there. I feel so grateful to to just the to be related to people who I'm just crazy about. Yeah. Well, this is a nice we ended on a sweet note. We did. Is there anything I can mention it will help you in any way you so don't need my help. But anything like, you know, tuna David sedaris is you know, has a new sweater collection that he's putting out there. You know, David has a line of jewelry anything at all. I can mention that would help you in any way. Golly, that's awfully nice of you to offer. But I can't think of anything they're doing more of the same doing again say that well by far whether it was mentioned it to my wife, or anyone I ran into today who knew I was going to be talking to you. If you could just know how much their faces lit up and how excited they were four. Me. That's a nice thing. That's a nice thing for you to know. You've made a lot of people very very happy David sedaris, what a thrill seriously. Thank you very much. Thank you counted. Good, man. We just ended with a firm hint shake..

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