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As part of his reporting pilcher. Track down michael moran to get his side of the story moran vehemently denied all the allegations about being involved in any prostitution or sex trafficking rings up. Talk to michael moran three times at length and we. I talked to him i said. Are you a sex trafficker. People have said your sex trafficking it says here in this affidavit your sex trafficker what do you say to that. She tried to play the dumb country lawyer. The following is an audio recording from that interview. With michael moran. I don't even know. What a kimmy. The definition of a sex trafficker. So then we get all these women lined up. We come back home and say okay. We've got these women now saying that you're the guy and he says okay and then he was more angry. He would not go on camera with a second time during one conversation pilcher. S moran specifically about making. Lancaster moran denied being her pimp or being involved in any of that kind of activity but when james pilcher brought up the possible whereabouts of megan lancaster. He got a shocking response. Pilcher related the story to producer. Jeff shane a joke with me. Hey maybe she's in my basement. Maybe she's in my backyard. He thinks that the joke because he knows what the rumors are late. What you so. You asked him directly about it absolutely. I said you have anything to do with meghan lancaster and he said no. But you can check my basement. everybody else wants to. You can check out back. He said i. I've invited the cops in to take a look. Well i'm not going to surmise whether he's trying to get away with anything because i i don't know whether or not he had anything to do with her disappearance. I really don't are reporting. Didn't lead down those path. But he had this attitude that he thought he was smarter than you that he thought he was smarter than anybody. And i think what probably from my reporting in my history on all this is a. I read a lot of stuff about him and leading up to them and i'd see stories here and there but nobody but nikki blankenship kept adam. Nobody kept on him. And i can tell you that we never went away. The photographer person that i worked with was always in the courtroom blogging. Blogging him. That she was there was always taking pictures or getting video of him in action in the courtroom. We never went away. In twenty twenty authorities finally made their move phillies rated. The home of a well known lawyer suspected of running a national sex trafficking ring for years march twenty fifth state and local police raid. Michael moran's house with a search warrant in dave used. the attorney general was personally present for that enforcement. When you get the state attorney general showing up to serve a search warrant. You know that there are some very important people watching this. I'm looking at the story. I did and you can see. Iran is sitting on his porch in his stocking feet while police are searching his office. Slash house now. The thing you've got to remember too which is interesting is brick two story house. It sits on the corner right across from the courthouse and right across catty-cornered from the local prosecutor's office. So he literally can walk back and forth from his house. Slash office to the courtroom and walk right in front of the prosecutor's office. Just seven months later it all came crashing down for michael moran longtime defense lawyer and former city councilman has been arrested in an alleged sex trafficking operation friday october. Twenty third to twenty twenty state and local police teamed up in arrested. michael moran. this comes nearly seven years. After that initial affidavit issued by the da for nikki blankenship. It was a day that marks the culmination of years of tireless work and a victory for dozens of portsmouth women. When my father was arrested october twice he was arrested on the eighteen charges that included sex trafficking racketeering telling 'em promoting prostitution when that came out. That was a real exciting day for me. I was screaming iran screaming. Because i worry that no one was ever gonna check. No one was really ever gonna look into it. I really worry. I know that the cincinnati inquirer they had to do their own investigation but it was approximately a year before they started releasing things and when they release things. I still didn't know anything was ever going to happen. And so finally i was like okay. At least somebody's finally checking. Did it kind of validate journey started on. Yeah yeah it definitely did. There are also a lot of people who are saying. He's a great man. And i worried about that. I'm like did i make a mistake. Am i wrong. And there's no way. I have seen that i i was at this point. I'm like i have so much evidence. But still i can't. I don't want to hurt anyone's life. So yeah i was like okay. Something i it was valid and everything i have time for for a decade is olive yeah katie. Lancaster also felt a great sense of relief and was struck by the uncanny timing of miranda arrest. Maria was arrested october. Third twenty twenty the day before megan's thirty third birthday. I mean i was on my way to columbus not jumped out the damn car while it was moving. I couldn't speak. I couldn't talk. Couldn't tell anybody what was going on. I was just like oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. Like i just couldn't believe it and four to happen the day that it did it was almost like a sense of okay now i know this is a god thing like this happened the day before. Megan's birthday almost eight years into it like it could not have come at a better time. It was like oh my gosh we did it. We got this far. Megan look.

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