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I can't i can't take it anymore i need to speaker this and so i started jumping ahead just to get to the monster and how they handle it and i thought okay well hey this is for somebody so so they dropped all ten will they were dropping acid there you go saw arrigo you said it i didn't uh okay saw net flakes uh what is the meyrowitz story maya story through a great film technically it's called the meyrowitz stories new in select this is a movie from noah bombardier who didn't uh murdo at the wedding in france's high at about a at a strain his family of the gathers together in new york for an event celebrating their father's work you've got an opening the dads played by dustin hoffman who plays a moderately successful sculptor but either worldclass narcissist he's he's glemp e e eight this is it best oil he's had in years each full of anger emma thompson at its current wife who hammered all the time schuessel area and but but not hilarious are the adult children played by ben stiller elizabeth marvel and adam sandler andrew they all kinds of baggage in so this is one of those movies that this great on stumble and you just a blown away feeling after seen by how good the acting is how good the writing is and once again yes that includes adam sandler this is probably as best will oppose this is probably as best dramatic wall and i get mad at adam sandler because he plays it's so lazy and he falls back on schick all the time damon hill like this you realize just how good he can be either i mean like slim number stylish oh yeah yeah he was he was really good at and the paul thomas anderson movie punchdrunk love yeah uh so he could act while i will check it out it's great and and mind hunters susan one on that flex yet this is david finshers news syria to let's not forget david painter directed seven but he also launched.

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