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Morning. Welcome back to the show. And the Donna and Steve show on my talk one of 71 everything entertainment. I'm gonna valentine that is Steve Patterson, producer I am drawn to is also with us. Oh, we're buddy. Studies have shown that memories have shown that the micro several long term studies have shown they've studied the study's scientific studies have shown and here with their findings. Study buddies the president, couple, Donna and Steve Question is pretty simple. It's pretty a day later. Do you sit in the same seat? Every night. Dinner. Um That's a tough question for me to answer because they don't really sit at the table. I said it that counter or sit at the counter in my living room. I just had this conversation with my dad about how dining room tables cause I just got offered a dining room table from my aunt and I was like, I just don't have a lot of room for it. Beautiful table. I don't have room for it. My dad said a lot of people don't Heated dining room tables now because of like islands and countertops, like people sit at their counter tops. Yep. But Steve, do you sit? You guys have a family arrangement the same Every time it rotates Lou and I will rotate opposite heads of the table. Oh, I don't know why. We will, but by and large The kids seem to move around quite a bit. When I was a kid, we had seats, right? Always always the same seat. I was always just to the right of my mother. My mom was just to the right of my father, the head of the table Then Janey was on the other side of him. And then I believe Got was over there and then Josh was the other end of the table. It's It's funny 68% of people. Sit in the same chair every single night, Same seat. Same space every night for dinner. 11%. Only 11% of people say that they change up their seat and 19% say they either don't have a table, Donna. Or don't eat at the table rather or quote. I always eat alone. Now I do use the table when I have company. Sure. When I friends over, that's where we'll go and eat and play games and all that. But You know, I mean, I was doing my taxes at the dining room table the other day, because I just want to justify having a dining room table. Um, you know, the only thing I would change in our dining room situation. You have to work with whatever space you have. Only thing I would change is if I had the appropriate space for it. I would have a circular table. The circular tables are the best tables because each best for conversation. Yes, thieves. There's no turning. There's no turning, because when you're sitting next to someone at dinner You don't want to turn to that person. That person, whoever is to my immediate left or right. Like if I'm in a dinner with friends there who I am not going to talk to the most right. I want to talk to the person that people across from me. Notice Circle. There is no head of the table. I love it. No interesting. I went and had, like I told you guys had dinner at my family. My parents house last night we sat down and I sat in the same spot. And I sat in 25 years ago or 30 now 35 years ago or whatever it was, Yeah, my mom and dad said the same one and Lily said, because I don't have any siblings. So Lily said What would have been if I had a brother sisters? Probably spot but we all sat in our same spots. 30 years later. We're doing the same thing. God forbid you should sit, Dad. See, it would be like to get out of my chair. I think We were very much had that system growing up, and then I think back to my mom's generation at my grandparent's house. If we had dinner over there, my grandma would always be in the same seat. Of course, my grandfather always in the same seat at the head of the table. And there was always never never a meal without white bread and butter. Such true. What happened to that I don't know. Over comes out, says We love bread. Everybody loves spread, and we have done away with Any kind of like it didn't matter what the dinner was. If it was Tuesday night, there was white bread and butter breaking bread, absolutely breaking bread. That's he used to always say as well. The same prayer weed every night. We do so it wasn't you do the same prayer and we did the same prayer that we always did yesterday. And we still do the same for 30 and my family. When we get together with my It was the same prayer at my grandma's house and whoever's house where if we were on my aunts and my uncles are our house for whatever holiday it was the same prayer, whole family. Whose parents made them say the entire rosary before you got Is that long yet Seen a rosary? It's long Each little bead is a prayer. Oh, my God. So the food is just getting cold. You gotta start like an hour in advance. I think I think about my grandfather's was four lines, so that was nice and efficient. But like, thank you. It was come, Lord Jesus. Be our guest and bless this food which thou has provided for us. Amen. Then I remember is kids that reversing a prayer as a kid? We saying to the tune of Fred Roggin, aka we saying, God, our father, we would sing it now that stopped, Probably once. I don't know the youngest hit Maybe eight or nine. But we would routinely sing. And then the question is. What are you doing? Are you holding hands? He just holding hands. You're folding hands. You holding hands? Definitely not holding hands. Never held hands. No, that's weird. I don't even wanna. I don't wanna hold it like you feel like an idiot. But I guess I see why. Because, like if a lot of people do that our father before you eat just so they are father. And if you're a Catholic and mass, you're holding hands when you do the our father free pandemic. So maybe the idea is there. I think there a few times there for big family events We might have, for the most part fingers in hands. You know, there was the used to do the passing of the piece. You know, Um You know, it's kind of half time of like an Episcopal service or a Catholic service Half two in pre pandemic. Yeah, you would. There were some women in my mom's church that I grew up going to and when we would go back for Christmas. I just knew this person's coming in, and I'm going to get kissed right on my lips. I just know it. That's okay. And I know it's coming. You can't do that now. Whoa! Times have changed. Happy. Um Wells fought everybody. We looked into our childhoods. That was exciting. Now we're gonna look to our financial futures. It's a money Monday. This one has nothing to do.

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