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Disagreement hey among them a more radical faction in this the resistance jospin who won't using government free day protests demonstrations and strikes one teenaged demonstrator when he gave the name r j said through his guests mosque he was staying on the streets for the foreseeable future we'll get to be here until this country changes until it improves and tell the government falls we need a president who's dignified enough to be call the president of venezuela and an end to the shortages in kings kurdistan sent round the corn ahead because we're told that motorbike gangs known as polite the horse naveh burntout police headquarters just round the corner you can see the fireman hair damp rang out claims than members of the community center ran outside clear what's going on jeff saw on every corner in caracas at the moment affairs right some new level of chaos is underway amid the unfolding mayhem the opposition's leadership denies it is responsible for the violence the head of the oppositionled national assembly or his unsurprisingly blames the madoo government instead we are not the ball in a civil war in venezuela what we haven't been israeli he's one people one nation which is again a minority that has hit nap it the power minutes well as always the election in venezuela took place on a sunday in this group could divided and deeply catholic nation the only sign of unity i soul day was inside a church opposite the polling station there is his traditional the mass ended with both sides shaking hands in his own peace if this new assembly moves ahead would be a long time before venezuela's politicians do anything similar we'll grunting caracas in a speech on television in venezuela in the law style president nicolas madero welcomed the results of the election sashi brown john good morning venezuela we have a constituent assembly i said whether rained thunder and lightning and it did ray their wall sunder and there was lightening and a constituent assembly was elected by the people and elected by conscience eight million people voted amidst threats there are states in this country where voters had to face the bullets of paramilitaries and cross rivers to vote by sao paulo well tom no no no no no this morning on usurping tokuji isayas medina who.

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