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I never forget I graduate. Money. social. Doubt. Positive. I never forget bay was calling this ball. Gums styles did a rat where he called Book Lives I. I called him by bump up. Your nephew. Cook that? Boston fight about look slip out. You about? The law. Of. All of five. I was only like seventy five months and brought. Wasn't that. Were once. Control how victory! By big medical, I can't control the portion that. I'm just there for but. The home. The crazy thing is. Is that like you know? got a couple of artists got the bridge open. what's. The next move. So for that. I want so ourself in A. Studio down here for this. A people that right like I begin a Lotta Shit sent. A lot of boat peak wire like Salem penzone votes. Gino heavy, too. Nice. Israel. It's the yard thing is. Young worry nice may see if this were. Fits so much. I'll put something like it because a lot of kids don't. The etiquette recorded more than as the process. You other having record right now. It makes up right on. We've been put your voice outright only is funny. On. This is you say that because like before you know, stay at home. Order dropped and all that other shit. We was talking Yo. We need to get a studio. Had A sectioned off. Where you know, you can record a podcast and you could do music. Industry Right now is the music industry entertainment podcast. Around thousand percent all ask everybody homeroom backs disowning eight dogs. You can't before you getting it on your streaming contract. Got Greg this way get. You know if it's a dollar lottery ours out. The new deal is a three sixty deal. Not I'm trying to get them to with the majors so like if I signed a deal with them today while still debating, we believe in the upper hand. So thinking and. Save. The citizens. For. On a hundred and Saying that the new. Thing about it is. On as you as you as you look at the streaming, deal and even. And even. Jake. Label Man. Shirts. I get it. But the thing about it is this right as it pertains to light streaming deal or even in three sixty deal? If you play right, it's like a one year contract with a player option. You Go I. Tell them this. Just as Auburn issue. Able one next. This is the industry. Opportunity Times. You've got to take that opportunity. Morrison. Each on I do. Now. Said No. Showtime came. To Pop. The had a lot to do with in popping out of the. Same thing with these tests now I can get you to a certain level, but jam an audience each another, so we can tell them no this. But only they all come back Mitch tax off so this industry isn't weird. It's opportunity. Lives all opportunity whatever comes to twenty twenty by not coming twenty twenty one so you so? Charles, sometimes you got Joe on Jews. His way out. But but like. is about is about maximizing. Like, so you gotta do. Negative Martin. Virus knee. But you have to. Go drop. Guy Got my back in. Gaza law using by. Money beat them. and. You! Accept Reader me now we can. You know like you got a lot of people. Think, they're just working for the deal, but the deal upset made on the stand word. You GotTa meet their employer's. Working, put in to get the deal you wanted. Do J. Out Anyway. widened. Say Getting. On one. Example of somebody who got. Guy. Thought! He was bigger than where he was out I. AM BECAME Took over from them, he wanted. That he no. Not taking. Cora. Record, he did a second neighbor courtly veteran. What he did was changed. The Jackpot out there, so it was cau- I. How? Did that in conjunction with Luder, so then go to so then he separately severed ties with disturbing the peace, and then he was never saying any tried to come back now. You've already miss. Like drinks, they've got a young money umbrella for role work you like. M. E. Burnett hot. Record was a fucking DJ. On a major relational level. So. You will artists are the most copies people in the world and. Give people were. They like to make us out insert. Mega Song. Yet Ladies Room well that hurt. Ben was offer may two hundred twenty four million dollars. Bail need is right one. Million Dollars in baseball. Forget you will. You ought called profit million dollars. Artist forget that well. I think that. May just had a crazy remix job this week. I'll. Hurtling was. She was trying to do. I think it was more a proactive approach because I got I got. I got the buzz. Now's and if you acquaintance, forge is I. I'm trying to renegotiate the deal. I'm not trying to say I'm not. I? I'm only rookie contract. Tyson. satit say fifty home runs. Can I get? You just lost discarded tipping. Virtual I. I Still Watch last I. Heard about it, but But the but the. Earth in half. The game. Dancing negotiate. Drake Nobile gave me a shop nagging looking like that. Call you, my brother. You gave me a shop. Nobody.

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