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Must've saw his mother so if we can't bring people to that level where they as human beings beings whether this is now about violence or about war war balked environment of about investments with this. If you bring it to that level I think will make it. I stink that people send feel that living in a very dark time and what what are you grateful for right now in the world. What what gives you hope? We're where does your gratitude find? An abundant place to land rover wandering already said that's on the larger scale Looking back and seeing that are the most difficult experiences always lead to something new and even something better than even culturally even geopolitically born but in order to keep us going This enough to be grateful for the next breath because it's not to be taken for granted that I can take another breath and if I think of billions of people who have breathing difficulties and yeah I can't believe just remember now just because leg. Thank you so much fun really really wonderful to be. I'm sorry very to now to keep spoon or listen to audio. Go have a talk. Tonight can boost very badly scheduled. Yeah well it was. It's been such a pleasure for us to come here to be here. Maybe you can still see a little bit. We're going to that weekend and salt for and I have a friend who works at Schloss Leopold's corn. So she's GonNa get wrong has for cross. Can I hope so too? Low pressure will let you know in this area..

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