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America everything in its place perfectly 7 18 traffic and weather on the AIDS. We go to Jack Taylor in the Traffic center. All right. Still check things out in Maryland on to 70. South out of Frederick had to go all the way to the lane. Divide without delay early this morning, topside out. Luke does remain heavy right around Georgia Avenue approaching and passing 97. We're good to go between the bell weighs on 95 in the B W Parkway. The accident cleanup in Frederick was on 70 westbound right. At the end of the ramp to Manaka See Boulevard that ramp had been blocked. And with all the equipment on seeing the eastbound lanes of Monocacy Boulevard had been blocked by the crash activity. Now there was a truck in Bethesda. Going in. But on the Clara Barton Park way trying to make that left turn at the clinic would turn around. Unclear if he has moved on. The left side had been blocked. Collars thought it was too big to make it under the overpass, 1 98 of and dues and rode up in Laurel. Flashing traffic signals. Route one. This is Rhode Island Avenue North found in Mt. Rainier blocked at 34th Street with an incident there was a crash. The crash cleared utility pole was down. We'd had all lanes blocked. I believe traffic still diverting it. Perry Street under direction Now, Little delay building kind of quickly. 50 East headed up onto the Bay Bridge. There's a red X over the right lane. You got only left lane getting by all three lanes westbound without delay, But he spends getting slower climbing up onto the eastbound span. In Virginia. There was a crash. 66 eastbound. You're 28 Centerville that have been along the left side. The only potential slow down between Gainesville in Roslyn right now, 95 3 95 without issue or delay. Georgetown, Piket, Old Dominion Drive you maybe alternating under police direction. There was a crash eastbound and collars now reporting South Sterling Boulevard westbound between Shaw wrote in 28. We've got an accident and we've got icy conditions, one of the few areas that Lauren's been talking about through most of the morning dealing with spots and patches of black ice. So I get out of anything looks.

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