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Then all of a sudden. You start seeing all the tremendous waste that we currently have in agriculture. Anything but percentage efficiency are we operating at now. It's ridiculously low and when you see waste you see opportunity. It's ridiculously low. You know. I think if we were to look at our production and productivity from a global macro perspective we get caught up in what are yields per acre and the marketing mantra that has been developed agribusiness to us farmers to do the marketing for them that we are feeding the world but in fact if you started looking at a measuring yield measuring productivity in terms of calories per acre and grams of protein per acre all of a sudden you would realize that we're actually doing a very poor job of harvesting sunlight and converting that into calories and protein and there is a lot of untapped opportunity left on the table so it's a different perspective than looking at it purely in terms of bins and bushels per acre. You grow up thinking you were. Americans were the most efficient people in the world. We've put a man on the moon. You know yeah. We have exceptional technological developments and we see ourselves as the most efficient farmers in the world thank howard measuring that efficiency. Well i drive by the billboard all the time one kansas farmer feeds one hundred and fifty five people. Plus you so we're efficient because one farmer feeds all these people but when you look like you said when you look at calories or grams of protein per acre her miserably inefficient were not harvesting. Sunlight are sting rainfall. Every time it rains the river comes up. And so how much of the rainfall i know in my area of our thirty six inches a miserably. Poor percentage actually gets in the soil and stays in so to grow crops..

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