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P Now to then raby All right sandy busy week in a college hoops rolling along at the top of the hour with Georgetown taking on Connecticut hoyas Owens 16 and biggie's play for live preview at Capital One arena We check in with Dave Preston Good morning Bennett senior day here at Capital One and the hoyas all classes will have their hands full this afternoon with the huskies team that has won force rate in beachy town by 23 when they met last month on campus and stores Coach Dan Hurley's team leads the biggies and rebounding margin They're also second and points per game is willing to scoring defense toys allow the most points per game in the conference in a worst at defending the three player to watch for the huskies former Howard guard RJ kolu averages a team high 16 points per game Georgetown Yukon coming up I already appreciated Dave Meanwhile it's also been a rough season for the Maryland terrapins but today in college park they'll celebrate the 20th anniversary of their 2002 national championship team several members of that team will be honored including head coach Gary Williams as well as Juan Dixon Steve Blake and Lonnie Baxter the O two title came a year after the terps fell in the final four and as legendary terrapins played by playboys Johnny holiday tells us they'd been battle tested because of Gary Williams and just what he meant and the way he just approached every single game that fellas we have this chip on our shoulder We will not be denied and to be able to put all that stuff together was absolutely a memory that I will never forget and I know every Marilyn basketball fan will never forget it either Should be a fun afternoon in college park terps taking on Ohio State at 4 o'clock Ben rabi WTO sports coming up after traffic and weather a special report from CBS on developments tied to Russia's invasion of Ukraine 1147.

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