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Plank on Fox Sports radio. We'll hit pause on some of the NBA talk for a bit dive back into it by or sell stock up sock down coming up here in just a bit. Yep. And we'll continue to keep tabs on what looks to be a positive ending in this horrible. David Ortiz story that we've been following throughout the evening to say anything, we want to add here in our number two before we get to Rick Laughlin that you've been able to find out. Yeah. David Ortiz's brother, Illinois quota by ROY Ortiz has already had the surgery, it is completed, and quote, he is fine. Oh, goodness, greatness shooting shooting tonight of the Red Sox legend Fox Sports analysts will continue to keep David Ortiz, our thoughts. Tonight. Alright joining us right now on the program to talk a little NFL. Why not in early June? Rick Laughlin, one of our favorites covers the jets for twenty four seven sports. Maybe you can sneak sneakily Mets question as well. I feel like it, Rick, first of all, let's go through the process. And I know last time, we had you on we thought the gay siring was set and lady on bell was in, and then all of a sudden the proverbial s hit the fan. And now here we are about a month later and there's a new general manager and they got their guy. Joe Douglas maybe around three million. How crazy has the last couple of weeks been for you on the speed? Yeah, it's been an absolute world. When always good to be with you guys. Adam gays again a guy that was mixed with with met with some mixed emotions from jet fans. You know, a bit of a usual situation, given the fact that atom gay, she'll hiring his father law, Jove, it, you'll has a history, Greg Williams during their days, the New Orleans Saints and bounty gate, and there were some report attention between Adam gays and Greg Williams. Because Greg Williams wanted Adam gates to hire his son, Blake to the staff, which ultimately did I see a lot of combustive -bility, not just in the locker room but within this coaching staff, and I have some concerns if the team does not get also good start? We seen Adam gates, if there's something we know about history, he's a fiery guy. He even had to be talked to when he was in with the Miami Dolphins about speaking to owner, Stephen Ross in a not such respectful manner. So, you know, he's not the friendliest guys when you get on his bad side. And again, we'll see. Things play out. Clearly didn't get off on the right foot with Mike mcalinden, it's funny because bringing in, you know, this general manager, they have a history together being with the Chicago Bears. It was clear to me that, you know, they did not have a shared vision that being, Mike, the cabin and Adam gates and basically Adam gates undermine Mike maccagnan and outta here. So again, that's, that's kind of where we're at. But it's been a whirlwind of a two and a half, three week period. If you're if you're covering the jets Rick everybody talks about. Oh, wow. They're making a change soul, eight behind the eight ball how much behind the APL, even if they're behind the eight ball make it a change us later. Does it really make that much of a difference? Yeah. Honestly, I don't think it's going to make that much of a difference. I think from the optics are bad that, you know, the jets really should have just cut me before the start of the draft. And look, I think the Joe Douglas, e was part of the Ozzie Newsome tree in Baltimore started as a twenty three year old executive back in two thousand fifteen years serving in. Baltimore one year where he did meet Adam gates with the Chicago Bears. They became friends, they hit it off immediately. And then, of course, joining the Philadelphia Eagles, and helping build their Super Bowl winning team for the first time in franchise history. So he has an impressive track record. There's no question about. I think the hiring makes a lot of sense. Some of the concerns, I have, and I think a lot of jet fans have to you have coaching Adam gays, who has a sub five hundred record coming into this year as a head coach has really proven nothing in the NFL as far as lot of people are concerned, and the jets are not only hiring him as head coach head of a lot of other qualified candidates, but they're basically handing in the keys of the franchise and allowing him to be involved with an handpick, his general manager, you know, Adam gates saying that of course Joe Douglas is going to have ultimate say over the final roster cuts. I think we all know that, you know, he's as close to Joe Douglas as anybody and this is really gazes way of trying to control, not only the, the coach, the coaching side and. Players in the field but the roster that's put together. So for me, it can the Johnson family, not acting owner Christopher Johnson stepping in Johnson's over in the UK on on the assignment for the Trump administration. But I just think that the jets are basically giving the keys to the franchise to a young upstart coach that at least in my book has a lot, a lot less approved, for sure. Ringing out with Rick Laughlin covers the jets. It's been one of the biggest stories this week as they continue to rebuild their front office. You can follow RIC on Twitter at Rick Laughlin will we see more moves or with the GM in the house now and Adam gates, having his guy, do they feel pretty good about their scouting department or will they kind of do what the raiders did, and you see a little bit more house over the next few weeks? Yeah. I think things are going to kind of quiet down for a little while. I think you know, there've been some names rumored on the jets radar that, of course, Joe Douglas's familiar with the Philadelphia Eagles. But again the jets may look to that secondary where they look like they're pretty thin, especially the quarterback position they may need reinforcements in that regard. But I don't expect any more splashy signings. I know that the, the lady on bell signing was met with some criticism from Adam gates who really tried to clarify that he thinks lady unveils, terrific player. But he's felt that he wanted to get him for the right price. In a lot of people felt that the lady on Belleville for the jets with an absolute bargain, and gates was not one of them. He really wanted to the jets to try to look to cheaper alternatives doesn't value, the running back like a lot of other coaches do. So again, I think you're gonna find from Adam gates that, you know, he's more of a system type coach. He's really in the same vein as Bill Bella check. It's really the system over the player that he's gonna find the guys are the best fit for the. Scheme that he's trying to one whether whether the names are recognizable. Their house will teams are names are not he's gonna identify the players that are best served this team and put them in a position to win. You know, Rick, Adam gates at a hell of a reputation before he took the Miami dolphin, John. They said he's the next up and comer. Do you think he's got too much on his plate right now? Shouldn't it be just worrying about coaching instead of what's going on with the whole front office, and that whole thing or what? Yeah. I don't think there's any question. I mean, the jets look they went through the situation where they tried to force square peg into around hole in that being with Rex Ryan and firing then general manager, Mike head, they basically tried to marry an existing head coach with the new general manager, and it just didn't fit you just saw clashing of flashing philosophies, butting heads between John Rex line and basically led the both of their firings and dismissals from New York, and you know, Adam gates is a guy that he really drives a hard bargain. I think he is that type of personality that he really wants to have control and say, not only in the coaching aspect. But as far as I am concerned that was a question that came up at an introductory press conference was that part of his hiring with Miami Dolphins was that he was going to say final say over the roster and that was not the case with the New York Jets and, you know, he seemed in the interrupt repress confidence in the public to be okay with that. But I think from what we've seen transpired little past few weeks. Obvi-. Asleep behind closed doors. He was not happy with how the jet scouting department was set up. He was not thrilled with Mike McKenzie. He wants to bring in, quote unquote, Hayes guys, whether he's going to have final say, over the roster not he wants to have that comfort level that he's he has adequate, and qualified people that are scouting, and bringing in reinforcements on this roster. But again, I think it is a lot on his plate and for really what about the second stop is a head coach. And he still has a lot to prove. I don't think he necessarily has earned the right to be able to, to build a roster and be able to start hiring general manager and making final roster decisions at this point is young career. It's been kind of a wild couple of weeks Rick, because there's been a low of news. Then all of a sudden, there's a ton of news with the jets movement, and then obviously, the latest on the tyreek hill saga are we expecting things to calm down. Now that OT as in the rear view or what's kind of next now as we kind of wait on the latest. Turn in the new cycle. Yeah. I mean, again, you know, just for training camp right now with Sam darnold. You know, he's learning at him it system. So you're going to have all the beat reporters that are tracking incompletions fumbles interceptions. You know, there's been some reports out of at a minicamp that Sam darnold has been struggling learning this offense and look he's a second year quarterback. He's trying to acclimate himself renew system. Adam geisha trying to learn him understand his tendencies and Sam darnold trying to understand the nuances of the offense assistance. I think that's going to be a prevailing storyline heading into the summer is how, how fast Sam darnold concern that quarter he can soak up that playbook and really teach the system to a lot of other players and most notably lady on bell again, is going to be another storyline to watch him coming off after missing a full year of veteran player of a-coming, president presence in the locker room if he's not serving distraction like he wasn't Pittsburgh. And I think he can be really came Donald best friend security blanket, a guy that. A dual threat out of the backfield. So for me, it's going to be Adam gates. The reason they brought him here as they thought he was that offense, a genius he was going to be the mentor to Sam Dora..

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