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My name is jack. O'brien ak zeitgeist day. These guys. what kind of guy host daily guys. A white irish guy guy who says my wife a nerdy man with awkward hands. Even british coal guests study fans host. Zeitgeist dailies i pod that sec courtesy of nfc ericsson and the simpsons. And i'm thrilled to be joined by my co host mr miles shutouts cam debbie god for that one that was shipped to see yet when i pulled up. God's read it. And then you see this shit. In the gulf of mexico i thought godzillas bucking arch nemesis was about to service. Yeah tuck rate. It's not great but yeah. We're we all can empathize with cleveland and pittsburgh and other towns who have lit their local bodies of water on fire now collectively. We have lit the ocean on fire. I'm sure guests. We'll have something to say about whether that his country's followed as much as tears. But i shouldn't have shared song to go ahead and blame all of humanity. Thank god they got it out. Yeah well we are thrilled to be joined. An air third seat by one of the funniest stand ups doing it. A fan favorite on us favorite all the way from new zealand. The hilarious and talented guy. Montgomery fellas please. You embarrassed me before. I even get to my mouth. Good morning jack. Goodbye good morning good morning. Is this a bad time to say that. I've recently taken a lucrative sponsorship from black rifle coffee. now that's kind of part of their sponsorship. Was we had to have you on so say. Yeah but a confusing relationship. We'll have another i. It's it's great to be here and yeah. Yeah obviously we we did. We didn't notice it on a c. Bid but we have heard reports to the russians on fire ryan and on the one hand. This is a devastating environmental disaster but on the other hand. It's pretty impressive. Pretty cool right. Not not your to get on fire. I guess they've tried to do that out the backyard. But oh yeah constantly. When i was a kid and just spraying the surface with a like lubricants and whatever an incredible amount of you know reckless lewis dedication to truly that baby blitzen. I mean that's one of the great things about capitalism there like all limits. You have ocean on fire on your car. We did do it guy. What's new with you. You are in winter where you are. Correct in windsor. And as i said it. Sort of opposites willed here so it's cold and it gets doc early Those are two of the main features of noticing. What else is what else is new with me. I'll call dozen zealand. Get not as cold as america. Yeah we head up with. We had a polo blast rates and and oakland which is gonna sub-tropical vision of sub-tropical climates the largest must know than city addenda to of two degrees celsius icon translation of fahrenheit. I will say can't fade them your insistence of sticking with fahrenheit. We got such a good system running down here. Whereas zeros frozen. Yeah yeah and one hundred zero healing cars to what's happening. Yeah to is like thirty six degrees just you know. I just close my reasoning for who is to thirty two But yet and but for the saudi coat we had a poll a blasted but the one of the coldest stretches of june on record and new zealand. I'm very recently but you'll be pleased to hear that did not manage to put a dent in us. It will saving the warmest. June on record a really yeah. I was listening to national broadcast you sedan. I seem to think that was ju- to whoa is cycles. And also the entire planet constantly hating up again. You're welcome we are. We're don't We're really doing you know. Rule abbott are doing windows open. A to heat is crank in baby. Yeah i mean. People should have known better when we refuse to go with a celsius and the metric system wasn't gonna go well. The the precursor to people not wanting vaccines. Yeah and leading the ocean on fire. We didn't see the red flags that on this. Yeah fucker they talking thirty. They make good tv. We'll stick with them for a while the simpsons you know all right guy. We are going to get to know you a little bit better. In a moment. I tell our listeners. A couple of things. We're talking about today. Hey speaking of the ocean being on fire. Exxon mobil lobbyists basically dimed out there. Senate friends there is a undercover investigation from greenpeace. Uk and we got to hear them speak unguarded ungodly about about how things actually work. When when they're not on the record we are going to talk about where we're at with vaccination. We basically missed the goal for vaccinations by just about republicans. Yeah so by that chunk of people we'll talk about net flicks are they waning. Or what is the future of net flicks While also talk about the present tense of netflix which Too hot to handle is trending in the top five. It's back baby all that plenty more but first guy. We like to ask our guest. What is something from your search history. That's revealing about who you are. You love to us that question. I do love it. And frankly i lived to answer it i. The most recent switch in my sich history is was float tank namie oakland which has turned out to be outside the in a place called flight culture and eden terrace. They're not paying for this mention guy. Better people chasing but lucrative greenback during the pandemic times. I and say not long. After this record reps out. I'm going to go and lie down and salty enclosed body of water for and see if that is relaxing reading. I mean i've i've heard about it. I really want to try it because as a kid. I remember being in the bathtub and i would kind of do the version where i just kind of put my just my ears underneath the surface and just always be like this is so weird and try and like i don't know i. I didn't know about meditating. Then but i guess i was doing some form of it with that so when i hear about flow tanks and how you know the buoyancy essentially makes it feel you completely sort of begin to separate your physical and mental and have that sensation. I've been really interested in going. But i have not done you. Well a man that is exactly my shit. So i'm gonna go and.

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