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Furnace tuna by calling 809 48 Mike down traffic and weather on the eights to read A Kessler and the W T o P Traffic center. Looks like we have a new problem in Maryland on the Baltimore Washington Parkway North Bend in the area of the bell way, Authorities are on their way to check out reports of a crash. Definitely seeing a backup all the way back near 4 10 trying to head to the Beltway. Also on the Beltway. It was the out early. Between 4 50 in the BW Parkway, the activity off the road to the right, and we also had reports of a mobile crew moving from 50 all the way to new to a New Hampshire Avenue taking Elaine. So watch for that mobile crew along that stretch as well in the district out about New York Avenue after Florida Avenue was a report of a work zone, Massachusetts Avenue between 13th and 11th streets that was fire department activity back in Maryland. North bound 29. Lockwood Dr. Stay right to get by the work 27, or Ridge Road between Kemp Town Road and Woodfield Road. The lanes are blocked for an accident that possibly brought some wires down in the roadway. Watch for police Direction, South bound Connecticut Avenue before 4 10, the crash in the right lane and South bound, I 97 year three and 32. It was staying with left to get by that work. Eastbound span of the Bay Bridge, the right lane of two blocked with the work, and the westbound span runs two way traffic. Now in Virginia. The earlier problem in Purcellville Berlin Turnpike south of Campbell clan Lane that pressure be cleared travel lanes available to you eastbound and westbound sing. 56 both flow between 1, 23 and Nutley, while eastbound inside the Beltway delays toward Route seven. Do the work zone South about 95 slows out of Lord men Across the Aqua Kwan w. T o p Reporters are driven by Fitzgerald Auto Mall shop fits first and save money. Choose from thousands of used cars and trucks visit fit small dot com That's the fits way I'm Rita Kessler. W T o p traffic. Checking that forecast with storm Team four's Lauren Rickets. Lots of clouds around today in temperature is rising into the thirties and forties. That is it for daytime highs. Today. It's gonna be a chilly.

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