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Zone and it was just so powerful and they just had a complete command on that entire crowd and it was just unbelievable there's one of my favorite entrances of all time and mode hedges totally destroyed that place well look i mean as much as i've been able to mix comedy with heavy music rock and wrestling totally go together as well man i mean it's really amazing that meant a lot to to motorhead to do that theme song and they really dug doing that and you know and there's now a lot of wrestlers are going out doing comedy man mcfaul he's been doing but would make volaille shows you know he i guess at first he maybe thought he was stand up because he was trying to elicit some laughs from from a crowd but i think the last time i heard him talk about it you know i think he realized that he was more of a storyteller and yeah he's going to get laughs but he's not you know quote unquote stand up stand up comedy guy and was one of my travel partners man we've slumped around some of the smaller ship bach cars and status some the crappies hotels in the name of because he's one of few guys tight as i am vain of saving money but he started doing that and he's been real successful at it yeah but that's good that it's not traditional you know because he's not trying to be bill burr don jamieson jim florentine he's doing his thing and you know i love comics like i love comics who right out of the standard routine like i turned you onto a guy if you don't know doug stanhope men i've heard that name and i don't know why he's he's like the anti comic but he's amazing he breaks every rule of being a comic you know and he's so good he's he's a rancher you know anybody's such an edgy guy and he just he lives this real weird kind of he lives like bisbee arizona and like an arts community and he's just he definitely thinks way outside the box i love that i love when people break the rules staff man.

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