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T. C. so this is how am I a horrible person works I'm gonna sort of the story I'm gonna tell you what I would do in this situation and you guys get to judge the bejesus out of may and then ninety nine point nine percent of the time it ends with me saying yes you are a horrible person go ahead so there's this awful story from Florida but I can't agree aids a moral dilemma for me so the story is that this guy in Florida fatally shot a couple and then they had the couple step daughter helped bury the bodies in the swamp of Florida it's really screwed up here D. once the sheriff in Florida was trying to put all the pieces together here there was this guy that killed the couple and the step daughter was in on it apparently well then the reason that the everybody was apprehended was the step daughter was trying to sell the deceased couple's truck for two hundred Bucks and they were going on social media saying we got this truck for sale people knew something was up the authorities put two and two together with the the the the guy killed him in the truck the recent kill them in the truck okay and and then they got rid of the bodies here's the moral dilemma that I have would you buy the truck for two hundred Bucks if it was something that you're interested in knowing that a grisly murder took place on the inside of it I was wondering where you're going with that because I think I will forgive you loan money came to me and said Hey I've got this amazing truck over here it's only two hundred Bucks there was an awful homicide that took place on the inside of it I may or may not about a part of it but would you like to buy this for two hundred Bucks I got the papers I got the documents I got the title I got all that kind of stuff it's on the up and up I'm going to sell it to you for two hundred Bucks I think I would buy that but this is the step daughter that got rid of the bodies in wasn't telling people it's an actual murder in the truck right he's trying to unload Florida right right right right she was sure to get rid of the saying I can't even again just like with Donald Trump Michael twist myself into a pretzel trying to interpret what you're saying what are you saying I'm saying I would absolutely buy a truck for two hundred Bucks even if I knew there was an awful homicide that took place on the inside of it just like kind of like people living in a house where where murders have taken place right that wouldn't faze me a bit would not phase me at all that's yeah you're I mean obviously you're awful personnel or personnel I would never buy a truck that had news of murders take place or live in a house where I knowingly I I think they have to disclose that information either way don't you but even if they told me off the record Hey just between you and I there were some awful awful things that took place in here there are some slice and then some Dyson and tell me about the truck doesn't run good because I think it would still be so two three nine ninety three ninety three that's the number two three nine ninety three ninety three am I a horrible person because if the truck was good I would buy it for two hundred Bucks even if I knew there was a grisly homicide that took place in that very truck what if you knew the person that was selling it to you committed the house what will probably then buy it because I want to stay on her good side so I think it's a win win for me I stay on the good side of the homicidal maniac boy and I get a truck that you know might do me some good I can put my DJ gear in there go get two gig might put a kick meal top part in the back I don't know but I think I'm in either way two three nine ninety three ninety three so while our producer T. K. dub screens up the phone calls let me ask you a question I'd as volunteers in London are now asking if they're interested in being infected with the corona virus for forty five hundred dollars in a bid to help some of the scientists find a vaccine so you can volunteer and say Hey I'm a young I'm healthy you can stick that corona virus right my veins for forty five hundred Bucks and then scientists what kind of study you up a little bit trying to figure out the best cure load me up with corona and then study meaning that a price tag is forty five hundred Bucks correct and now again no the answer to both questions no I would not buy his truck if I knew the previous owner was murdered and I would not be knowingly infected with a corona viruses scientists could poke and prod me in hopes that they give the invent some sort of vaccine may already five hundred dollars money and knowing your immune system knowledge you're going to get it one way or the other yesterday I have the immune system of a baby to meet your goal oriented so you might as well get paid for it the good news with the vaccines is like with this coronavirus there are they are working on vaccines there's a university in Australia that as a prototype using new technology Queensland university Queensland Australia so I suppose that's good news I didn't I've had not previously I didn't know they were using human subjects is is is testing for a vaccine I don't know that I could pull the trigger on that so let's go back to the original situation here the am I a horrible person story in my horrible person because I would totally buy a truck from someone even if I knew there was a grisly homicide that took place in that truck let's go to Jeff Jeff welcome the hammer Nigel show my horrible person no you're not actually we have a house down the street from us that is actually that same that a lady died in and I am told I was told by a real estate realtor that they did not have to disclose that now whether that's true or not I do not know that what it was interesting the affect that that he had died in there and I'm like and they you know they read they revamped the house completely and like I said now who knows if they if the new owners know that or not I have no idea Jeff thank you so much let me go to Chris Chris welcome to the hammer and I do show my horrible person absolutely man the not because of the what bother me a bit of somebody got whatever happens in the vehicle but I love the show man thank you Chris said I'm horrible person before he called which was awesome I'm sorry you guys are talking about something I had no idea and do you welcome the hammer Nigel show my horrible person I think in this case or not but I really have to question your judgement if you're gonna buy a check for two hundred Bucks I mean unless you find that the whole mall tenant anybody would question that price tag right all right what's wrong with that thank you come on you're not telling me something here Joe welcome to the show in my horrible person you're not a horrible person if you are it will be horrible together ninety four I bought a house in order end of a cul de sac at a triple murder thanks for sale or amber and my she told that how how did you how did you know there was there was a homicide they have to disclose it but the caller that called earlier they don't have to disclose that if somebody dies but if there's a client okay well gotcha and it it was for sale remember it was one of the very first smart house thank houses that really mental house I got that I sold it make a killing on it because after I I did not disclose the murder and tell I appreciate the phone call my friend thank you if you're on hold sorry we're at a time please don't hate me but keep the conversation going on social media at hammer in Nigel and as for Houston where if you think I'm a horrible person give me that news founder W. 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