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Know about the celebrities you don't Bobby Finger I'm Lindsey Weber and Katy Perry gave birth and the baby's name is daisy as everyone thought well, not ever. WanNa think everyone wasn't as involved as we were in guessing the name of this baby but daisy bloom daisy dove blue, which is funny. 'cause dove is trendy name. It's trendy visit trendy like currently. Yeah. His Dove Cameron. Now, there's like babies being born named. I could not name you one. But like I've seen a few times she commitment after daisy prism second-half Bloom. We're ending this conversation because she's of them and we actually should not be talking about her. We should be talking about that congratulations she gave birth to a baby. Do we just want to get right into comments because we have so many this week yeah. I have to say your guises calls we need some more like original thought like you can't just call and comment on everything you have to call and give us some new stuff to talk about I. Know We all have group think but I know you have the creativity in you to come up with some questions and some thoughts and some theories let's don't stop. We don't WanNA scold you don't WanNa scold Zinke Presario. All. Thank you for calling it. All lobbies I'm not. You're listening to WHO's there are weekly call in show where we take your questions, comments, concerns, emphasis on questions emphasis on questions. Hey Lindsay. Hey Bobby you just ties bonus episodes or you we're talking about Moss no getting fried fun and you was served like two weeks of it. So I'm actually oppressed intriguing. I'm starting my last year law school but I did prosecution work somebody the summer at a state level, and since the federal charges and they're pleading guilty to federal plea agreement most likely they will actually serve all the time they see guilty to federal time does not include like probation or parole or anything like that in almost every case. So don't like five months and. She's GonNa get months, Saint Joseph Federal System. They probably will actually serve all of that time. So just give you an update on the guys preferential by. That's wow. That's makes perfect chance they're going to serve the whole time my favorite Damien rice song, federal crimes. We got a lot of lawyers calling about this very friendly, very sweet lawyers for your nice lawyers. I. Know I'm going to need one of these lawyers. I'M GONNA go right into the WHO weekly call log and I will call one of those lawyers and be like hey. Next. Call Hi Lindsay Bobby I hope you haven't been inundated with calls on this topic, but the Dj Colette Song from the Devil, Wears Prada is plays in very very faintly. You can just Kinda here like the the base in the background but it's playing in the scene where Jackie Fillet comes into the benefit gala and emily I'm sorry I'm stoned why am I tried to remember names emily is explaining to Andy who she is after she's likes not under faith out anyway crunch crunch. Thank you true Devil Wears Prada heads.

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