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And I think event is getting him for free is great death for their bench, and his total you Ventas transfer to get him for such a good deal. Because I do think he probably could be sold for like thirty or so million, but they're getting for free, essentially. So I don't know where you stand on this. I think we both agree. He's not arsenal legend, but event is doing great business once again. Yeah. Absolutely on the flip side of the coin arsenal. Once again are losing money where they should stand to gain money. And this kind of seems like a recurring fucking thing in the transfer window for arsenal. Also, a pretty damn deason player for next to nothing. And then he goes onto other when silverware or or or get better play with a better team. So I I do think losing Ramsey is a loss for arsenal. And it is a massive gain for Uganda's. If he does go to vent is because as a bench player, he will be a fantastic option. But I I got still completely agree with you, Kev. Aaron Ramsey is not an arsenal legend cone Aaron Ramsey and arsenal legend is approximately the same thing. As calling. We can say. Be careful Valencia Valencia or Ashley young or got. Yeah. Rafael on Manchester. United a legend yet they were with the team for a long time. Yeah. They had amazing moments for the team. Yeah. A lot of the fan base love them. And and they were excellent players, but are they legends. No, no. They're not. I I would tend to say, no. But all right. No, some January transfer talk. We're gonna move into our bets in the this weekend matchups we like match ups. We don't like before we get into that. We do have some some announcements of for starters are lads. Hoodies will be available on her website starting tomorrow morning, or I guess I said today, we'll be if you're listening to us right now, you can go to our website and go order a hoodie that makes sense. So it's our logo on a black hoodies. So we'll have promo pictures up on our social media shutout to Jess Spencer who took the photos for us. That was awesome. Also, we'll be having a Saturday special podcasts with who kicked the corner flag podcast who I'll be recording with right after this show. They do like a game show podcast of soccer, which they have questions and contestants or host of the show. Co host get like points answering questions right? It's a little fun twist on the normal podcast soccer pod. Gassed four, Matt. So I'm getting James Jared employs who are the host of that show to come on. So they're very knowledgeable, and you know, way way smarter than Martin I about soccer. So, you know, it'd be a nice it's good to hear other voices. Is mean Martin's dumb ass on the show. So stay tuned for that that should be up Saturday morning, but Martin let's move in to the weekend's match of which games are you most excited for which games are you willing to put some money down on? So ironically, the game that I'm most excited for the game that I'm willing to put some money down on is the Manchester Tottenham gain, I'm stoked for that game. I wanted I wanted. I wanted to open up with us, so red mom. Yeah. Right. Right. Okay. I I'm absolutely stoked for the game. Right now. The logical part of me does not think mentioned not a tan win button, the heart in me. And after wa. Watching these players improve and play their hearts out over the past five six matches under soldier has given that kind of hope that hope that. Yeah, we can fucking hang. Yeah. We can play our own game against Tottenham. Yes. We're not going to fucking hang back and defend but instead we are going to take risks chances. And as social or has told Manchester knotted players time and time again, quote, I do not care if you win the bowl just win it. I do not care if you lose the ball just win it back. And that is what I wanna see Manchester not bring to the table on Sunday afternoon. How ever Tottenham fucking powerhouse? No longer sneaky, good, Harry Kane..

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