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You where you want to be oakland international airport the official airport of gal affects that was very very hard for our whole family to be a that situation i can't even imagine dr mignon at you see us of beni off children's hospitals articles to cure your child cancer we have some of the most brilliant minds of science focusing on childhood leukemia she saved my daughter's life amid a thousand made his in a million knows we believe in the profound an unstoppable power of yes you see us afghani off children's hospitals oakland and san francisco redefining possible this is california golden bear's basketball lied cagey l a dad we'll make sure you tune into the cage yo hey ten post game show as on your drive around the bay area wherever you might be today holiday shopping we'll give you a indepth analysis there from the head coach stats scoreboard is well only on keijo eight ten well the believe moment of truth for the bears right now they led by as many as fourteen here in the second half as texted climbed back into it they graduated up the defense and now i'll go to the free throw line at a chance to cut the deficit to a one possession game is bear still lead fifty six fifty two 758 remaining first free throws up in goodbye debonair watson your man promotion side counterfeiting.

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