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And to address anti-semitism and feel empowered in their jewish identity from before they go off to college and through their college years and beyond and now doctor gore's high in this part of our discussion of the history of zionism and the state of israel. We're going to move away from talking about israel's conflicts and israel's relationship with the countries around it and now that the state has been founded. Try to look a little bit about what's actually happening inside the jewish state. What's the society of israel becoming and for this probably wanna look at two different pieces in today's segment and then two different pieces in the next segment in. Today's segment will look at the issues of socialism and the status of arabs in the newly founded jewish state and then our next segment will talk about ms roffe jews. Those who come from north africa yemen. Iraq iran was called avant. And then we'll talk about the intellectual life of the young state and how intellectual freedoms of israel shaping in its early years and continue to shape it until today so for now. We're going to go back to the beginning. And look at the socialism of the early state and the role of israel's arabs in its early years the vast majority of conversations that most of us have about israel are about israel in conflict. We can talk about the problem of the palestinians. We can talk about the west bank. We can talk about the embargo on gaza. We can talk about annexation we can talk about hezbollah in lebanon. We talk about iran. The iran deal was at good. Frizzell was bad for israel Was this administration in america. Good for israel or bad for israel's the trump plan good for israel fair bed for israel etc balloon all of those conversations have in common is that they are about israel in conflict and as i said once before in our conversation. It's like saying. Let me tell you about america. There was a war of independence in seventeen. Seventy six in the war of eighteen twelve in a civil war in the first world war second world war korean war and vietnam war etcetera etcetera etcetera. It doesn't tell you anything about america. It tells you about a part of america's history but it doesn't tell you anything about the soul of what america becomes and you can't understand the miracle only by looking at its worst and to be sure you can't understand israel by focusing only on its conflicts. So when you look at in. This particular segment are three brief elements first. Israel's first elections wanna talk a little bit about how the knesset actually works how elections lead to israel's governments. Then want to speak briefly about german reparations for the holocaust which become very important in israeli life so first. Let's talk about israel's first elections. Israel's first elections take place on january twenty fifth nineteen forty nine just as the war of independence is winding down. And i'll re to. You're just a couple of very brief paragraphs written by an ultra orthodox. Rabbi rabbi mostly yell. Alpert who writes the following in his diary about what happened that morning of january twenty fifth forty nine when israel holds its first elections. He writes as follows. The time is five thirty five. Am i woke up me my wife and my brother ribs among labe and my brother in law rabbi banapple sell the vin and my son dove after drinking our morning coffee. We dressed in our sabbath attire. In honor of this great and sacred day and then he quotes verse from psalms. Because this is the day that the lord has made to the happy and rejoice and then he goes on because after thousands of years or more of exile since the six days of creation we have never been blessed with such a day to be able to go and vote in a jewish state. Then he recites this very famous jewish blessing. Blessed is the one who was kept us alive and sustained us and brought us to this time and then he writes and then i experienced the holiest moment in my life a moment that my father and my grandfather were not privileged to experience. Only i in my lifetime was privileged to be such a holy and pure moment and then he quotes the bible again. Happy and blessed am i happy and blessed as mike portion and then he writes. I said the the blessing and i deposited the envelope in the ballot box. And then this ultra docks or the ultra-orthodox rabbi goes back home. And then he puts on to fill in and then he recites his morning prayers in other words typically the first thing that he would do in the morning is get up and go pray but that morning he puts on special sabbath and holiday garb he goes and votes and then he prays it. Gives you a little bit of a sense of how holy the idea of jewish democracy seemed to people from right and left at that particular time The police are on alert. And everybody's ready for possible unrest. The elections go off without a hitch. The percentage of people who vote is very high. The results of the election are mixed. David been greens party which is called pie. It'll eventually become the labor party. Gets forty six seats. Menachem begging party which is called heru. It'll eventually become villi. Cooed gets fourteen seats so labor wins. They ru is a very very distant party. Down than fourteen and in nineteen fifty one favorable actually do even worse menachem. Begin's party will down from fourteen to eight and menachem begin the same person who would run it. Your goon the person who was involved in that altalena incident. The size is gonna take a break from israeli politics. He will be called back in the reparations issue but we'll come back to that in just a couple of minutes now. I mentioned that labor got forty six seats and that favor of got fourteen wars that all really mean in terms of how it israeli government is created. And we'll talk a little bit about how the israeli government actually works because a lot of people don't understand it. There are one hundred twenty seats in the israeli knesset. That number wasn't pulled out of thin air. Jewish tradition has it that with the return of the jews after five eighty seven bc when they were exiled babylonia and came back seventy years later they established an organization called the men of the great assembly. I'm happy lamb. Historians disagree as to how much it really existed and how much it was. It was really kind of a figment of jewish imagination. Frapp purposes now. That doesn't really matter. Joy with vision. Had it there there. Was this great assembly and that it had a one hundred twenty seats in it and it was called on shea. Hot knesset the la the man of the great assembly so the knesset means assembly and the modern israeli parliament takes its name from that previously existing entity and it takes that number of one hundred and twenty from that previously existing entity and basically how it works is this. There's one hundred twenty seats if you win and fifty percent of the vote. You got sixty of the seats if you win. Twenty five percent of the vote. Then you would get thirty of the seats. And so on and so forth you need to have a certain. Minimum percentage and that percentage has changed in israeli law. Today it's three point two five percent so if you get one percent of the vote you don't actually get any seats you have to reach at least three point. Two five percent of the vote. And then you can start getting members of the knesset. Now why is all this matter to us very much. It matters because in all of israeli history. No party has ever gotten sixty seats. None no parties even come close to getting sixty seats which means that every israeli government is actually a coalition so the party that gets the most seats then reaches out to other parties and says will you join my coalition. I have forty five seats. You have ten seats with us. We'll have fifty five seats then. We got to find the party that has six or seven seats and then the three of us together will create a majority in the knesset. And we'll be the ruling. Party's we'll be. The.

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