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That would just be my thinking 'cause I wouldn't necessarily want to come down here into Bob Baffert, Jerry, Holland or for territory at Santa Nita. And there's I don't think there's really any reason to have to go to Oakland. I mean, they could. But I that someone derby sitting there with that eight hundred thousand dollar person the derby points for that race, it would just seem to me to be a very good spot. So I'll be very interested to see if they have made a decision if I were to make the decision that's the race. That would really be at the top of my list to to go back to the dirt with another twin? Fate. Well, the timing. The timing would be quite good as you're looking at at March twenty fourth and your coming off of what February last Saturday was the sixteenth. So looking at twelve days, look, exactly six weeks, really so five and a half. Plus weeks have perfect. I would imagine. So. Yeah. So the timing is good. I think you know, it's not gonna be as scrums some of these other get derby racist. Like, I say like the Foudy youth is shaping up. And of course, the that the Florida derby will be salty down the line, and you know, the rebel and Arkansas derby, you're going to be very tough. I would imagine with million dollar purses. And and I say you come down here to Santa Anita. And I mean your face. You know, the eighteen from two of the most powerful Barnes that we have here in the Bob apper barn, Jerry, Hollander, burn. So to me that just seems to make sense. So we'll see what they decide to do whatever they decide to do. He's just, you know, an interesting coal because you know, king lease not exactly chopped liver. I mean, I know he's way down the list on Bob Baffert three-year-old ranks. But by the same token to just bury that or like he did. And I mean, you can only defeat the horses that you're running against. And I just I really did like the way he did it quite a bit. So he was very visually. Impressive to me. And. And I'm just excited for blaming. 'cause it sure is neat when we can get somebody like that on the Kentucky, Derby trail, that's for sure. Agree, and that that's part of the appeal, and we do get we do not only. Do we get it? We've had we've had a lot of successful. Kind of smaller names, and and you know, lower-profile successes on that front, and, you know, whether it's Barclay tag or John service at saturates. Already sherman. Exactly me. They're the perfect. It's it's funny. How how the derby can be an equaliser on that on that front. John, you know, a few of the the performances from the last really the last two weekends to touch on. And given that we were. We were on hand that both the h c and and fairgrounds last week some of the things that that went on including Marley's freedoms performance in the Santa Monica now, she's looking to get around to turns. It looks like for the beholder mile as target Baffert heading in that direction. We also actions related see the follow ups to platinum warriors. True valour and even sparky villas sparky Bill came up earlier this morning when mentioning that Desmond is going to run back on fairly short timing to that allowance unless Baffert the Vitas it possible that. Baffert after Desmond to help make that race go. I I suppose that that's a possibility with roadster on the comeback trail. You have to being as well. So wouldn't be the shock of the century. If we saw Desmond coming out on the other hand, it seems to me that this is a pretty good spot for Desmond, you know. Go to to turn for the first time in his career..

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