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Yeah brunei's thank you uh we we must we should remind ourselves of your academic pedigree i have no degree that the my academic pentiti you are johnny adair tyson on i am high school graduate so no so sir let us michael it i could ever list calling uh let's court academic passions i yes that would include a science and engineering elliott big time out of that there you go go but i'm a i'm what you call a gentleman scientist not an educated one so i i have told people that the highest compliment i've ever gotten uh from anyone at any time was from you when you said that you were writing the martian putting down you know may announce some science to track and you imagined i was looking over your shoulder oh yeah what if all of their has tyson reads on the brink of tweeting about some message in your vr has you they want that i didn't want them don't want that so um it is that i am i still there oh yes muscle the on your shoulders oh yeah now and isaiah you're you're still there you're still there on my shoulder i in fact artemisinin even more scientifically accurate than the martian it does the martian projected forward some technologies like ion engine ion propulsion after and i i completely ignored the effects of radiation on on by just made this magical hab material that would stop radiation igf offered no explanation in arguments i didn't i didn't even do that i said all right you know a hard in his has the the the whole thickness to protect people from radiation when you go out on a navy a calculated let's say you're a terrorist and you go out on him.

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