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Chuck downstream cover on day one of the science so that bannon across the and saw the bad bad i ever say he said were guard man i said are brimming although he said i got a little place downtown i've got a market to show for it to mature the joint there had been passed by always wanted to go in there but i felt the job landside and now never been the same and i'll never forget the man and i'll never forget it was under jimmy l killed in love with the musicians didn't have the venue that we have in oster musician world was just almost totally underground when we were young lubbock was dry the for sweeny is we ever had were like no legal alcohol and so if there was a place that had alcohol it already was illegal so an underage wasn't any more illegal and just even be in there at all so we are first gigs were in these joints the very first ban that i ever played in was jesse taylor and john reid and joe eagerly and tj mcfarland jesse was ablaze guitar player he was living over in east lubbock lubbock it's very segregated even now and he was living over neath side of town and one day he was hitchhiking and this big huge black man stopped picked him up it was stung stubblefield he had a warm key joint tiny little dive over there in jesse started hanging out with starved and they just became close friends and stuff had the best you blocks in the world had how long often bobby blue bland the new you know why the hawks its is truly wonderful gang.

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